PlayStation CEO talks about PlayStation 5 game pricing, storage, and timeless games in the latest interview

In a recent interview with PlayStation 5, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan elaborated on topics such as PlayStation 5 game pricing, console storage concerns, and future PlayStation exclusive products.

The interview was conducted by The Telegraph (behind the paywall, but usefully reported by Video Games Chronicle), and Ryan was asked if the next-generation game was priced at £ 70 or $ 70, “Yes, Yes, yes, when measuring the amount of entertainment offered by video games such as: Demon’s Soul Compared to other forms of entertainment, I think it’s a very easy comparison to draw. “

He also commented on the statement that PlayStation 5 storage will soon be adopted by many who are worried about the console’s 664GB hard drive, in addition to the fact that PS5 games currently do not have access to external storage at launch. .. Ryan said in an interview that he wasn’t dissatisfied with seeing Sony leveled too often, “I haven’t heard it. It’s clear what happens when people start using the PlayStation out of the box. It’s okay. It’s clear that the PS4 can monitor hard drive usage under a microscope. Everything I see there shows that it’s okay. ”

The last topic Ryan was asked about was a future PlayStation-only title, such as: God of War RagnarokWhether cross-generational versions are also displayed, as seen in, and Horizon: Forbidden West And Spider-Man: Miles Morales..He did not confirm or deny in either direction God of War The sequel, at least, simply says, “I’m sorry. I have nothing to say about it today.” However, Ryan seems to be looking for a title that transcends generations in the future of PlayStation. “The PS4 gamer community is 100 million people. If it’s too early, it’s a mistake to leave them, and they’ve been involved in the PS4, which has been significantly blocked this year than at any point in the cycle. I did. They are using PlayStation. They are happy with the PlayStation. Why stop offering games? ”

PlayStation 5 is currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and will be available in the UK and other countries on Thursday, November 19th. See this verdict for the new console.

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