PlayStation Mobile Controller Patent Suggests Sony’s New Handheld Plan

Not PS VIta 2 (Photo: Sony)

Sony may have given up on building a dedicated handheld game console, but they seem interested in building a hybrid of smartphones.

Since the end of PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch, many PlayStation fans want Sony to come back someday to make a new portable console.

Based on what is currently known, there is little real hope that it will happen, but the new patent reveals that Sony is still keen to use smartphones for official PlayStation products. ..

The device shown here is very similar to the Backbone One and other similar devices, fits into a regular phone and has the controls and buttons of a traditional video game.

At this point, it’s not entirely clear how Sony patented it, as it’s a very general concept, but it’s probably only in terms of using the official PlayStation buttons and iconography. is.

As discovered by VGC, the only unique element seems to be a motion sensor that can tell how much and in what direction the device is tilted. This is probably used to match the functionality of a regular DualShock / DualSense controller.

As with any patent, there is no guarantee that Sony will actually turn it into a real product, but its appearance is in line with the new push to release mobile entries in various PlayStation-only franchises.

Sony has gone as far as tricking the former head of Apple Arcade to run the mobile gaming business, but so far the only concrete evidence of their new interest is the new WipEout game. ..

If Sony plans to extend its existing PlayStation Now service, it’s kept secret for now, but it’s clear that the mobile controller can also be used to play streaming games on the go.

PlayStation mobile controller patent

Is it for mobile games or streaming? (Photo: Sony)

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PlayStation mobile controller patent hints at new Sony handheld plans

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