PlayStation-only “Onslaught” Zombie Mode Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War … Terrible

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is another in the series, with its own game mode. Playstation The owner, this time a specific zombie mode called “Onslaught”.

Limited to 1 year on PlayStation. Yes. one year.

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But don’t worry. If you don’t own a PlayStation, you’re not missing out. The onslaught is slow, boring, and otherwise feels very engrossed in the stellar zombie experience. Just for that.

Without going into why monopoly is so vicious to the game and the industry as a whole, focus exactly on why “Attack Zombies” mode isn’t worth worrying about.

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Rather than picking up zombie-specific maps and storylines, Onslaught takes you on a journey that loops through multiple multiplayer maps repeatedly. These are the same maps you play in multiplayer mode. There is literally no difference.

The concept behind Onslaught is frankly strange. A mysterious orb guides you to the map, spewing out big zombies, sometimes called elites. Often you need to wipe the zombie waves one after another in the same part of the map … again and again and again.

Unlock random perks and collect weapons from the elite’s body – with some zombie / roguelike spin-offs – instant kills and Max Ammo buffs.

But … that’s it. After playing the six elites killed in the cartel, as far as I know, there’s nothing more in Onslaught. You gain a lot of experience to kill eight elites, so you should do so to put up with boring gameplay.

This does not undermine the enjoyable experience of the Cold War. Both zombie and multiplayer modes make you feel casual and fun like an arcade.It’s classic call of Duty Light years away from the slow gameplay of the game, Modern Warfare.

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But if you’re worried about missing Onslaught because you don’t own a PlayStation, don’t worry. You haven’t missed anything but some experience.

PlayStation Exclusive ‘Onslaught’ Zombie Mode In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Is… Awful

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