PlayStation Store continues to list games for £ 10,000

Several users have reported that the PlayStation Store lists certain games for £ 10,000 (or £ 10,000 in local currencies other than the UK). Currently, the price glitch seems to be affecting GreedFall, which is part of this month’s PS Plus. lineup. This issue was first reported to by Twitter user Andreas K.

On Twitter Emerald Archer And Christopher khan A £ 10,000 version of Greedfall has also been reported, but this issue is Found in Europe, Exchanged the price for euros.

The cause of the glitch and its spread is not clear at the time of writing, but the screenshots posted seem to indicate that it’s a problem, especially on the PS4 version of the store-the problem cannot be reproduced. Was a PS5 or browser.

The price glitch seems to have occurred at least since the end of last year. Raymond Chan of the UK Podcast Facebook group discovered Dead Cells listed for £ 10,000, but Twitter’s Garyz Friday the 13th at the same price.. I contacted Sony for comment.

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