Please complete the new RPS survey and tell us what you are looking for

What do you want, readers? For Christmas From RPS? We have started a new survey on all of them. Our annual reader survey asks about you, but this focuses on us: what do you like about RPS, how well do you think we are doing, and you What do you want us to do more? I’m sure I don’t feel humble at all in this experience. There are also questions that can help shape the benefits of the RPS Supporter Program.

Go here for an investigation. It will take about 20 minutes to complete and your answer will be confidential. Only take a very large number of respondents, so be sharp.

After some basic information about yourself (again, it’s confidential), the investigation goes into our relationship with you and us. What kind of RPS do you have? How well do you think we are providing it? What do you want us to do more? Then, based on that, ask about what you would like to see in the supporter program. Dark themes for your site, filters to customize the posts you see, more scoopies, goodies, and more. please tell me. You tell us everything you think about us. Ohno.

If you’ve learned from Buzzfeed, OkCupid, or social media profiles that you’re referring to the Myers Briggs personality type, it’s that people love quizzes. What type of leader will you be? !! I will tell you: good stuff.

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Please take RPS’s new survey to say what you want from us

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