Please do not shoot JP’s family

Subscribers to Arrow Video’s streaming platform ARROW are already aware of Patrick Picard’s feature film debut. Bloodhound Currently available. If you are not a subscriber, do you need one, why not, two, incentives to sign up? Now, what about this exclusive clip from the Picard movie?

The obsessed young man Francis (Aiken) is summoned to the secluded house of his wealthy childhood friend JP Lourette (Adler), who is suffering from mysterious suffering. When Francis arrives, JP and his graceful twin sister Vivian (Basso) are the only survivors of the privileged Rourette family, one of depression and self-destruction and the only resident of the family’s property. I notice that I am a member. When an old friend tries to reconnect, many mysterious incidents begin to occur in the house, and Francis is drawn into a world of fatigue and despair where the act of betrayal may provide his only way. Notice that you are.

Clip Francis played by Liam Aiken (A series of unfortunate events), I’m at the childhood friend JP’s house played by Joe Adler (Maze Runner). Francis is trying to take pictures of some jars, but JP doesn’t want anyone to take pictures of his family. That’s not the only strangeness of this clip. See for yourself below.

Bloodhound Annalize Basso (Snowpiercer: Series, Wija: Origin of Evil). It also includes a trailer and a selection of images sent. pleasant!

Here’s the full announcement of ARROW’s December lineup, including the Santa’s Naughty or Nice list and AGFA’s shared titles. Available here!!

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Please do not shoot JP’s family

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