Please refrain from bringing politics into Animal Crossing

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Because Animal Crossing Used Lots Along Company And from recent organizations politician Nintendo has decided to set some rules about what content these groups will handle in order to have a talk show at a furniture store. Can or cannot be used in Their game.this Being Nintendo, there are some pitfalls.

You can read the full breakdown here —Animal Crossing: New Horizons Usage Guidelines For companies and organizations— However, this post specifically discusses one point.

Some of the expectations are ” [age] “Rating” and “Don’t deceive others while using the game” are:

Do not use the game improperly or create in-game content that is considered vulgar, discriminatory, or offensive. Also, refrain from bringing politics into the game.

It’s almost sweet in its simplicity, for both reasons Everything is political, but is also the reason Nintendo is actually thinking They can crack down on this.

IBut t is also the worst. Who determines where Nintendo has most of the boundaries of such things? What is political and non-political?Is there a referee with a chart somewhere in Nintendo? Map out? was The simplicity of Biden too much For their sensibilities??was Friendly involvement of AOC For some reason, the game’s mean, mortgage betrayalAge-based spirit?

of course not.problem Here, just like Nintendo, is Control..

Let’s finish this with a reminder. This applies only to companies and organizations, not to personal game use.

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