PMGC regional slot allocation revealed

PUBG Mobile has posted a major update to PUBG Mobile Global Championships (PMGC). The tournament logo, sponsors, and most importantly PMGC slot assignments were revealed in this announcement.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Logo

At the end of this update, PUBG Corp. said there was a little more “big news” to be announced on November 24th.

PUBG Mobile Global Championships (PMGC) slot allocation revealed

Perhaps the biggest announcement announced today was the expansion of the number of teams seen at PMGC. The number of slots in PUBG Mobile Global Championships has been increased from 20 to 24. As a result, significant changes have been made to the slot allocation for this tournament.

New slot allocation for PMGC and its qualified teams

PMWL East Champion:

PMWL West Champion:


  • Aero Wolf LIMAX
  • Secret gin
  • RRQ Athena
  • POWER888 KPS
  • Team secret

PMPL Americas Finals:

  • loop
  • nameless
  • Perform esports
  • A7 eSports

EMEA League Final:

  • Natus Vinsele
  • Klas Digital Athletics
  • KoninaPower

PMSC (Korea):

PMJL (Japan):

PEL (China):

  • 4 angry men
  • Nova Esports

PMPL SA Final:

1 slot for wildcards (wildcard details have not been revealed yet)

1 Direct invitation

PUBG Mobile Global Championship League (PMGC League) Schedule and Format

The tournament is held on the 5th of every week.

PMGC League SchedulePMGC League Schedule

During the first two days, teams compete to qualify for the week’s Super Weekend over the remaining three days. Only 16 of the 24 teams are eligible for Super Weekend.

These 16 teams will fight for championship points. The top 16 teams with the most championship points will be eligible for the PMGC Final after the league stage.

What’s the big news coming on November 24th

PUBG Mobile also made fun of viewers by saying that some big news will be revealed on November 24th.

Segment starts at 02:08

Perhaps they will reveal the above “Direct Invite” of PUBG Mobile Global Championship on this day. Given the recent reports of PUBG Mobile’s return to India, it’s not too hard to think that the Indian team could receive this invitation to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

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