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Paris (AFP) – Mauricio Pochettino will make friends with Diego Maradona and Ronaldinho during play, and Neymar’s relationship with another global football superstar will be key to his success at Paris Saint-Germain. ..

This week Argentina will begin its PSG coaching rule. His outline is that he made the most of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe and was one step ahead of his predecessor Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel, who was fired with six months remaining, will not be overlooked by club supporters in Paris, despite his first ever Champions League final.

The German won the League 1 title in each of his two complete campaigns and quadrupled the title in the country last season to match the historic European run.

In contrast, Pochettino has never won a trophy as a coach, but his qualifications are clear.

This 48-year-old player is lovingly remembered by Tottenham Hotspur fans. Tottenham Hotspur has made it to the 2019 Champions League final with four consecutive Top 4 in the Premier League.

– From Ronaldinho to Neymar –

Now refreshed a year after the game, he resurfaced into a club that was a popular player.

Poccettino, who briefly co-starred with Maradona in the Newell’s Old Boys and shared a room with the Argentine legend on an expedition, was the main garrison of Parc des Princes from 2001 to 2003.

He helped them finish fourth in League 1 in the first season, captaining the 2003 French Cup final and losing to Auxerre.

The team couldn’t be achieved by an attack led by Ronaldinho (Pochettino’s “great teammate” remembered in 2019), and the new coach knows what’s expected now.

“This club has always been a special place in my mind,” Pochettino said with an additional year’s option after signing the deal until the end of next season.

He talked about the “great potential” of the team, and he’s trying to maximize it so there’s no time to waste. His reputation depends on it.

Now that the impressive work at Espanyol, Southampton and Spurs is over, it’s time for Pochettino to add silverware to his Paris resume. Domestic success is a matter of course in Paris, and progress in Europe is paramount.

Over the last eight years, Qatar-owned PSG has won seven league titles and five French cups. They also won the currently non-functional League Cup six times. Still, Tuchel left the team in third place in League 1, which is the second point after Lyon and Lille.

– Barcelona on the horizon –

The last time PSG changed coaches in the middle of the season was in December 2011, when Carlo Ancelotti was unable to win the title.

Arriving with a team in the back room, including loyal assistant Miguel Dagostino and his son Sebastiano, Pochettino needs to start running.

His first match, appointed on Saturday, will take place on Wednesday in Saint-Germain, and his first chance to win silverware will be mid-next week when PSG will face Marseille in the Champions Trophy. This match usually begins the French season.

“It will be a difficult start for him. Don’t judge him right away or expect to see his” his “team already,” said Luis, who coached Argentina when playing for PSG. Fernandez told AFP.

Pochettino needs to stamp PSG in time to face Barcelona in the last 16 Champions League games. Its first leg is February.

Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen, who played under Pochettino at the Spurs, have already been associated with their move to Paris in January, but Neymar and Mbappe will be at the heart of Pochettino.

The Monday edition of Sports Daily Requip featured a photo of Pochettino laughing with Mbappe crossing his shoulders around a French star.

Fernandez is undoubtedly a new coach.

“Players will love him. He has that human side and is an approach that allows players to express themselves,” he told French football.

“When you have a coach like Mauricio, you want to fight for him and do something for him.”

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Pochettino starts with a PSG with no wasted time Pochettino starts with a PSG with no wasted time

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