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Is it Tuesday already? The week seems to pass in no time. At least on these first days. That’s okay for me. Please return to the weekend as soon as possible. Some game podcasts will help those times pass. This week’s dial includes:

Game Classy Episode 227: Total Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer is better than Dawn o’War

Polyhedral Episode 95: West Kingdom and Forbidden Land Architect

When you return to the normal show format, you’ll be back to normal (apart from the ability to meet face-to-face and play games). Andy decided to update all of us about mattress purchases while reviewing the news of desktop games over the past few weeks. Next, let’s take a closer look at the West Kingdom architects and forbidden land RPGs.

Roll and Name the Dice Episode 222: Meeple Land, Umbra Via, Fleet: The Dice Game, Flying Squirrels

The wives attended the show to help us review the game. Sometimes it’s difficult to get together, so it’s a good sport and I’d be happy if you could help me as much as possible. Interestingly, both games were tile laying games. We didn’t plan it, and it just happened. We talked about new rolls and writes from Pinchback and Riddle and were thrilled to see how it compares to the Fleet: Dice game.

I also did the Flying Squirrels segment because there was some news and I didn’t want to keep up with it. So keep us in 2 minutes, it’s a good way to eliminate ramblings.

Offline Gamer Episode 61: The Quest for Zines

Take a look at Kickstarter # ZineQuest in the first “appropriate” episode of 2021. There’s also our usual early-year Shenanigan, but due to the fact that we haven’t played most of what we’ve received, there’s no annual Kickstarter award!

Dungeon lord Episode 47: Problems Experienced by All Desktop Role-Playing Gamers

In episode 47, the vendor started by talking about Mappet’s Star Wars campaign in space and chose to switch the gaming system from fantasy flight games to Star Wars Edge of the Empire. Next, the Lord receives a series of questions from listeners and describes the situations of problems that many role-playing groups experience and how they have dealt with them in the past.

D6 Generation Pip 59: Mega Sword DnD Live (s17-s18) & Desperados 3

In this DnD megasword, the halfling has a spine, and Ulllrick learns to read from a grudge book. Above all.

Russ also shares his thoughts on the video game Desperaos 3 during the interlude.

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