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Tuesday. I hope your week is going well. For me, it’s a really short week. Tuesday is a bit like Wednesday because it’s in the middle of the week, and it’s a bit like Thursday because it’s the penultimate day of the week. But as always, I’m ready for the weekend and even aim to make the short week even faster. To that end, listen to some game podcasts. The dials are as follows.

Game classy episode 221: Sigvaaaaald


Dungeon Lords Episode 44: Playing Rogues in Dungeons and Dragons Video Games, OP Characters, and Fantasy Campaigns

In Episode 44, Jamie begins by talking a bit about Baldur’s Gate 3 now in Early Access on Steam, and the gang recalls some of the older Dungeons and Dragons video games he played in the past. Then the Lord asks listeners questions about lovingly dealing with the player character known as the “cheat code” because he is so overwhelmed. The group then discusses playing rogues in role-playing games and the various archetypes they enjoy playing.

Secret Conspiracy Episode 219: Old-fashioned and innovative mechanics in Tuscan castles, Coloma, and game design

The beautiful Tuscany region of the 15th century is home to the Italian Renaissance. As an influential prince, players make creative decisions to build their area into a thriving territory. By supporting towns, villages and monasteries, or extracting marble and delivering goods, players can see their land grow and earn victory points. In each round, players use cards to place useful tiles to expand the area and capture new opportunities. The winner is the one who has the most victory points after playing three rounds.

Offline Gamer Episode 58: From Quiet to Tesera

Regarding this week’s short catch-up, we talked about:

-Enliven the game-Collected £ 500 for charity!

-Board Game SmackDown-Offline Gamer Special!

We also welcome returnees from Board Game Hub Pete and James talking (especially) about their new game on Kickstarter, Tessera.

Anonymous Desktop Episode 45: Leftover Candy

In our 5th Halloween episode, you’ll learn the difficult way outfits and podcasts don’t mix. Tim forgets the money manager for our sweet and sweet podcasting, and Dave’s pandemic loneliness puts him back in Azeroth and the old game addiction.

Then, when the Adams feud returns from death again, find again who in the crew deserves a miserable cup. The third time is attractive!

And finally, plug in a really hot Halloween decoration, Geeky Jean plays a favorite, and Celebrity Deathmatch throws away glasses and milk to find out who’s really super.

Oh, and don’t forget Tim’s bag. I’m afraid that it always seems to be lurking there. Be sure to wear gloves this time.

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