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husband. Did you know that today isn’t really Tuesday? Is it Wednesday? And was it Tuesday yesterday? That’s obviously news for me, because it’s what I’ve been running. I think it’s just one week of those weeks. I think there are too many turkeys on weekends. Anyway, it’s … well, it’s past Tuesday, so let’s make this week a little earlier with some game podcasts. This week’s dial includes the following:

D6 Generation Pip Episode 94: D & D Live Session 38: Horn Origin

The bard asks: “Is the corner of your head from someone I know?”

D6 Generation Pip Episode 95: Hollywood Holiday Game Tips

Raef shares vacation game tips

Secret Cabal Episode 244: It’s a wonderful world and a body of designer work

Today, the founders talk about the many games they are playing, Don and Jamie jump into a feature review of it’s amazing world from designer Frederick Gerard, Tony T is the largest desktop game news segment in the known universe. Surprise the crowd at and finally, the gang sees five game designers, including Ryan Laukat, Uwe Rosenberg, Corey Konieczka, Martin Wallace, and Stefan Feld, and discusses their work.

Rolling Dies and How to Name Episode 245: Imperial Steam, Brian Boru, What’s Next, Pocket Paragon

As we’re nearing the end of the year, the games we can play may not be that fleshy or a simple filler to pull out at a party. But no, we’ve put two incredible 25-pound turkeys on the table for the past two weeks. Wait, I don’t mean turkey in a bad way, but that these were some games for putting your teeth in. Capstone’s Imperial Steam plays a lot before reaching the bones of the game. This bird has a lot of stuffing and a lot of leftovers.

Brian Boru: The Scottish King will beat Squirrely. I’m calling it now. This was Thanksgiving Turducken. Each layer provided different strategic preferences. Great game for us.

The next episode is the 9th Anniversary Show. Yeah, 9 years of background noise.

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