PoE Robbery Guide-Be the best thief in Wraeclast!

The latest league of Path of Exile … had a suspicious reception. But if you’re looking to get started on it, we’re here to help!Hopefully ours will have some very confusing aspects to the new league. PoE robbery guide Helps make your journey smoother.

How do I get to Rogue Harbor?

There are no waypoints or portals to get to Rogue Harbor right away. In fact, there aren’t even NPCs to talk to. You can get the entrance by killing the monsters or opening the wooden box containing the monsters to get the Rogue marker. Go back to town or hideout, open your inventory, Right-click on the marker stack.. One is consumed, You will see a portal that will take you to Rogue Harbor.. You can enjoy your trip just by clicking on the portal (loading screen).

What do you do at Rogue Harbor?

Upon arrival, you will need to patrol the area for the first time and talk to all NPCs. In most cases, you’ll see an exclamation mark on the map, so finding everything isn’t too difficult. Once that’s done, you’ll need to go back to one NPC in particular. Administrator Kurai It stands at the top of the stairs to the “Planning Room”, directly in front of where you will spawn after arrival. On your first arrival, she gives you a beginner robbery to get you started.

This leads to other important NPCs. Wayfinder, Adiya It is on the left side of the harbor, near where you enter. She is the one you speak to embark on a highst, Both regular robbery and grand robbery. There are three types of robbery described below, but the guide for all of them is Adiyah.

Fence Fausts and Barber Facano It is just below / to the left of Adiya.Who is Forstas, as his name implies We also sell stolen goods.. You’ll need Rogue markers to carry out robbery and grand robbery, so you’ll need to visit Faust frequently to sell off items you didn’t get and add more marks. He also works as a regular vendor. Facano is a place where you can buy regular robbery run contracts.. These can be purchased at regular map prices (Chance Orbs and Alchemy Orbs) and are reset from time to time. He also provides the ability to add wings to epic robbers.

Finally, you can talk to any villain and click “View Inventory” to equip them. The villain has its own equipment that can be found during all types of robbery, And item restrictions.

How can I carry out a robbery?

Both robbers and robbers have different ways to start them. In the case of a robbery, you simply take the robbery and go to Adiya. Give Adiya a robbery And she presents a job. Click on it and select the members you want to take with you. The villain must be at a high enough level to complete the robbery.

Grand robbery is a little different.You have to do to assign the villain to the epic robbery Go to the planning room and assign 3 rogues to each wing Of Grand Heist. It’s not too difficult, as a single fraud can be on multiple wings. Once you have assigned one to every wing, you can go to Adiya and start a robbery. There are three portals in the starting area instead of one, which allows you to leave robbers and hidden loot between the wings, but there is a bug that can now be put into another instance.

PoE Robbery Guide-Types of Robbery

There are three different types of robbery.Is at the beginning Quest robbery.. These will appear differently in your inventory. To do them, you need to talk to the client NPC and then to Adiyah. You don’t need to use Rogue markers as they are quest missions. These robbers can only be found in the crate you open.These robbers A single map with a quest item at the end – They give experience points for the fraud you bring, but don’t give you items to sell for Mark.

Second, you have Normal robbery.. A regular robber can fall from a crate or from killing a regular mob.They are If you can give experience points with one foot and bring back the item at the end, you can sell it as a mark.

Finally you have Grand robbery.. These are obtained in the same way as regular robbers, but they are also found in regular robbers.they have One wing by default, But by talking to some NPCs in the port, including Facano, You can add wings, Up to 3 wings. Adding a wing requires quite a few Rogue’s Markers, but it adds the entire secondary wing to the Grand Heist. Also, you will get a special item at the end. This is a rare with a unique modifier, or a unique replica of an existing unique but interesting twist. These rewards are great and well worth the mark you need. So far, Grand Heist is Heist’s goal.

Final PoE Robbery Guide Note

Robbers have been a bit controversial so far, but you can get some big plunders, especially from epic robbers.They are definitely worth a try, and we are our PoE robbery guide Helped you wave to them! If you are lucky, you may find the next replica head hunter.

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