Poetry from my heart to your heart

The world slowed down
Probably too long.
But while we are still
Going back to basics
I felt a presence
In a panic.

Instant forced reflection
Inspired surprises
In it while observing it
Very deep in my feelings
For some reason
Outside my body.

The leaves grew slowly
Sometimes I had a hard time staying
Come down with attachment
And the rest fell
When the darkness comes
Early every day.

Harvesting takes place.
Nature rests.
Our lamp backs up
For sparkle
Welcome some magic.

Familiar face and voice
Have a new dream.
A company that raises the bar.
Student was sent out
From stability
To uncertainty.

The culmination of the year
Of wisdom and evidence
Birth of a blueprint
Intention to good people (and gals)
Own light and darkness
Stimulate ripples.

Keep the Trinity
Health’s top priority.
Balance these boundaries
For me, for you.
All coping strategies
One day it’s not enough.

We have made it so far,
Well, not everyone.
All of us are in mourning
Some more than others.
Is it real or ambiguous?
Compassion is in fashion.

Thank you for hindsight, 2020,
And to everyone who embarked on this journey
Through life, work and parenting
Make the world a better place,
Make tomorrow a better time,
And find inner peace.

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Karen Huller is the creator of the Corporate Consciousness Ripple Blueprint. Laser Sharp Career Focus: Identify your goals and passions in 30 days.. In 2006, she founded Epic Careering, a leadership and career development company specializing in executive branding and conscious culture.

Most of her 20 years of professional experience is in the recruiting and hiring industry, but her publications, presentations, and coaching also come from her personal development, performance, broadcast, marketing, and sales experience. Can be done. Her solutions incorporate breakthroughs in neuroscience, human performance optimization, bioenergetics, and psychology, allowing leaders to accelerate trust, increase influence, engage and be productive. While enhancing, we are also looking at business and global sustainability.

Mrs. Haller was one of the first LinkedIn trainers and is widely known for her ability to identify and develop new trends. She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Career Transition Consultant, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Drama from Ursinus College, and has a minor in Creative Writing.her blog Recognized as one of the top 100 career blogs in the world by Feedspot.

She was an adjunct professor of communication at Cabrini University and an adjunct professor of career management and professional development at Drexel University’s Le Bow College of Business. She is an instructor at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) and some of her students won the 2018 National YEA Contest. Was named Next Top Young Entrepreneurs of Ernst & Young’s America and won the 2019 People’s Choice Award.

She is the Board Secretary of the Upper Melion Community Center, has just served as Vice President of the Gulf Elementary PTC, and has been recognized as a Public Education Partner and Promoter by the Upper Melion Community Education Association. She lives in the King of Prasha with her husband, two daughters, and many pets, furry, feathered, scaly pets.

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Poetry from my heart to your heart Poetry from my heart to your heart

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