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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba claims the team deserves a 4-2 loss to Leicester City in the Premier League yesterday.

As he said, Manchester United has been suffering from these problems for some time without finding a solution, French International seemed to be aiming for the tactics of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Pogba, Sky sports After the match, he didn’t want to say that this was due to the player’s mentality, so he may think it’s the manager who has to change.

“Honestly, we’ve been playing this kind of game for a long time and haven’t found any problems,” Pogba said.

“We need to find out what’s wrong in order to admit a simple goal, a stupid goal. When we know the game we play on this pitch, fans tell us everything Push and pressure. I think we need to be more mature. We need to play in a good way with more experience and arrogance. We have to play soccer with the ball not.

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“But now we have to find out what is the key to these games we lose, because I think we deserve to lose today.

“We need to find something, we need to change something. We all don’t know if the player’s mindset was when we started … we really don’t know.

“It’s frustrating because it’s something we don’t understand and we need to find it very quickly. If you want to compete, win the title, those games are very difficult and we play ..

Pogba seemed to imply that he was not happy with Solskger’s tactics.

“You need to fight their games, you need to find the right spirit, the right tactics to win those games. That’s my idea. We have time to think about it, and then All together, we have to stick together and find the problem. “

Red Devil’s fans will definitely be very frustrated. After significant investment in top players in recent years, Solskger is probably a clear weakness in the club.

To be fair, it’s hard to imagine that someone like Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane couldn’t get more from the players on this team than Solskger.

Pogba, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphaël Varane, Harry Maguire and Jadon Sancho, is one of the many celebrities in the club and is undoubtedly more capable than we’ve seen recently.

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Pogba blames Manchester United tactics Pogba blames Manchester United tactics

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