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Fernandez responds to rumors, and if United wins the title in Manchester United’s summarization and Van de Beek insists, Pogba will stay …

Manchester United superstar Bruno Fernandes laughed at the proposal that he was tired this season.

Fernandez’s player award this month in December was the fourth record of the year, but the midfielder was unable to reach the same height in the opening week of 2021 and was a playmaker with a 0-0 draw in Liverpool. Was below the standard. ..

His poor performance was pointed out by former United skipper Roy Keane, who came to help the club win a famous victory, but he eventually faced the Reds in the FA Cup. Did.

However, Fernandez argued against these claims. I’m not tired at the age of 26! “He said with a laugh.

“If I’m tired now, I won’t play when I reach 30 or 32. I play 1 in 5 games, so no, I’m not tired.

“Of course, the coach knows what’s good for the team and (in the case of a FA Cup draw) chooses to play with Donny (Van de Beek) to give the team freshness.

“Donnie is really well trained, so I think it’s fair enough. He’s important to us and will be more and more important in the future.

“I think the team played really well. It was a good game, both parts played really good football, were intense and had some goals.

“I think the people who started them are playing very well. What comes from the bench helps the team win, and this is most important.

“Everyone needs to be ready to play in the first 11 games. Most importantly, the game the team wins. When the team wins, everyone will be happy.”

Donny van de Beek has fallen into a “terrible situation” at Manchester United, the Dutch media reported

Van der Beek has been a headline over the past few weeks as the media constantly mentions that he is not happy with the current match time he has received since moving to Old Trafford.

Holland International has scored only once in 22 appearances, most of those outings are from the bench, and his position within the team is questioned.

And Dutch media have been critical of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s treatment of Van der Beek for months in a report by Voetbal International, which branded the Van der Beak spell in Old Trafford as “terrible.”

The fact that Van de Beak has fallen into a terrible situation cannot be ignored, “writes journalist Süleyman Öztürk.

“Without Bruno Fernandes, who resembles Bruno Fernandes, he never reaches the number or position of Bruno Fernandes when asked to act like a player. The Portuguese bring the game to him. , Fernandes Beek moves away from the ball.

Rio Ferdinand said he was confident that Paul Pogba would stay in Manchester United if he won the Premier League title.

Much has been said about Pogba’s future this season after his agent revealed he wanted to leave the club, but in the past few weeks he’s like a player signed by United a few years ago. I started to see it.

In addition to scoring spectacular victorious goals against both Burnley and Fernandes, the 27-year-old was the driving force behind Red Devil in his physicality and extraordinary range of passage, ultimately € 55 million (49 million). Pound) escaped from the shadow / $ 67m) signed Bruno Fernandes.

And Ferdinand believes that if he can help the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer team win the Premier League trophy in May, Pogba will take away the possibility of a transfer and promise to stay there. I will. “When he plays regularly,” a former United defender told his YouTube channel FIVE.

“When he is playing consistently, when he is playing good football, and when he is winning. He is a happy person.

“Manchester United must now be a happy place for Paul Pogba, so if he wins the league to go somewhere, it’s very difficult for him to leave. I think.

“I think a new deal is probably at the table, and at the beginning of something he was very committed to when he walked through the door to get away from it, he came here to win things and Manchester -Return to the victory path where you wanted to get United.

“I think he’s the type of person who wants to keep it going and make a legacy at this football club. At this point, if Pogba leaves at the end of the season, even if they win the league, he I haven’t created a legacy that I would have wanted to go through that door. “

Do the fans agree?

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Pogba Fernandez and Van de Beak appear in Manchester United’s summary Pogba Fernandez and Van de Beak appear in Manchester United’s summary

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