Point of the story: What are you doing this weekend? (December 12)

It’s been another week, but this time with news of the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter and (finally) the launch of DOOM Eternal, we can discuss weekend game plans.

Members of Nintendo Life are doing just that, and join us in the comments section below. pleasant!

Gavin Lane, Feature Editor

I felt the need for speed earlier this week, so of course I raced and picked up at the e-shop … TT Isle of Man 2 Now on sale. So far, I’ve only messed with the controls for 20 minutes. The lack of analog triggers on Switch was an immediate problem. You can’t stand the jerky on / off acceleration with the default “ZR”. Fortunately, I was able to remap all the inputs and forwarded it to the correct stick for a real throttle thread. Now I have to decide where I want everything else, and I’m ready for some serious superbikes.

The requirement for agility has returned me to Star Wars Episode 1 Racer,Also. What a cracking game!Hopefully you need to squeeze a little more and play a little more Hades Before settling on the GOTY2020 list. It’s great, of course, but it takes a few more hours to properly evaluate its splendor. The clock is ticking …

Stuart Gip, Reviewer

Monster Sanctuary It’s so long and complicated that I’ve been playing and playing most of Nintendo’s time for reviews. Thankfully, that’s a good thing.I am also investigating Pixeljunk Eden 2 For that review you will be able to read immediately.

Sadly, I’m playing too FlintstonesA Game Boy game based on a terrible live-action movie. Like many of these old ocean games, there’s something strangely compelling about it. It looks and sounds pretty good, and the graphics are thick, but it plays like a dog.

Still, I chose the path of life, and that’s to be the Game Boy who plays Flintstone. Yabadabadu.

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