Point of the story: What are you doing this weekend? (December 5th)

Another week is over and festive toys are coming Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Release date announcement (finally!) DOOM Eternal, And Switch firmware updates provide some new features. Some are very welcome and some are more disruptive.

The weekend is finally here, so it’s time to discuss the weekend game plan. Members of Nintendo Life are doing just that, and join us in the comments section below. pleasant!

PJ O’Reilly, Reviewer

Hello. This weekend, I officially switch my brain to Christmas mode, download a lot of my favorite Christmas holiday games and start the festival.As usual Breath of the Wild I’m going to get an annual spin — I’m still left to discover that fragment incredibly — and this year I’m determined to finally beat it Super Donkey Kong: Tropical FreezeWipe off all collectibles and 100% that bad boy.I also have Super Mario 3D All Stars Lined up to play with the kids, all I need now is someone jump into my house, drink strong wine and stand my tree. Have a good weekend and stay safe no matter what you do.

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