Point of the story: What are you doing this weekend? (November 28)

Another week has passed with the massive sales of Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America, the voice of Pokemon characters melting the internet, and even worse news for Mario on March 31st next year.

The weekend is finally here, so it’s time to discuss the weekend game plan. Members of Nintendo Life are doing just that, and join us in the comments section below. pleasant!

Filler Reynolds, Reviewer

Hello everyone! It’s getting a little chilly outside now, so this weekend I’ll be relaxing with some games from the backlog.Mainly reboot Luigi’s Mansion 3 From scratch (look, I’m not ready for Christmas yet; my brain still thinks it’s Halloween) and I really can’t wait to get back to it.

In response to the news that the sequel to “The World Ends with You” will arrive, I decided to try the Switch version again. I know for sure why it’s so loved, but Hook never sank completely to me. Let’s see what happens this time!

Gavin Lane, Feature Editor

After slashing the evil hordes of Calamity Ganon for the past few weeks, they are immediately trying to cool the beans.In fact, I Breath of the Wild For a completely calm trip to Hailar. I recently launched it for work and was amazed at how great BOTW is still in this era of 4Ks and more than enough teraflops. A beautiful game.

If not, I really need to go back to myself Animal Forest Island and i want to continue Control.. Whatever happens, my absolute priority this week is to absolutely avoid selling cyber deals. I’m crazy about trading, but if you’re new to playing games, it’s not that much.

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