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Dustin Poirier wasn’t in good shape for the first few minutes of his rematch with Conor McGregor at the UFC 257. McGregor shot a clean hard shot at Poirier, who had a frustrated look in most of the first round. However, the stable flow of hard calf kicks slowed McGregor, and in the second round Poirier found his range in both defense and attack.

2:34 In the second round, Poirier defeated the vague McGregor. (See the highlights here). He certainly seemed happy with his victory, but the overall process of winning this victory definitely hit the Louisiana fighters mentally.

“I’m not fighting anymore,” a hot mic in the cage picked up Poirier and told his corner. “I don’t love it anymore. I’m done with it.”

During ~ Postwar press conference, “The Diamond” was asked about those words.

“It’s hard to say, but that’s it. I don’t like this anymore,” he said before repelling the fear that he might actually retire. “I don’t know. I’m not a man …. I left to give out a lot of ass screams. I feel like I’m hitting my prime and putting everything together My body and mind are finally on the same wavelength and I’m 32 this week. I’ll see what happens. I don’t know. The only part I liked was the whole two weeks It was a fight. I haven’t enjoyed this process for the last two weeks. I just loved the fight. “

“I think part of that might be due to sitting in a hotel room and spinning the wheels for two weeks,” he added. “You call this Fight Island, but this is a Fight Hotel. I couldn’t leave the accommodation. I’ve been sitting for two weeks to lose weight. The most I can go to. Far away is the training room, as if I were here in my heart’s prison. ”

“I’m going home with my family. I’m going back to my dad. I’m going to sell hot sauce. I’m going to work with my foundation. Now there’s a lot going on outside of the fight. That’s what I’m doing. ”

As long as the battle with McGregor progresses Poirier told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto Calf kicks were part of the overall strategy of mixing wrestling, strikes and kicks to prevent McGregor from launching an attack.

“Mike Brown wanted me to rip a calf kick, ripping’em rip’em rip’em,” Poirier said. “And we did. The first thing I threw landed. I was kicking long enough, and you’re on your shin above your shin, just below your knee. When landing on a thick part, you turn it in the right direction It’s so heavy and so painful, especially on calves. And the first thing I landed was that I knew it was good for him “” “

“I kicked hard and Connor has a broad stance. I thought it would be difficult to check,” he continued. “And I started kicking his check because he wasn’t checking correctly, it was still part of his calf muscle. He hadn’t turned his shins completely outward, so I couldn’t sneak. Even when he checked, he was getting the bad parts of those kicks.

“I know from experience, I was crippled by something from Jim Miller. I was hurt several times with them. Swelling of the calves, nowhere to go. It’s the thighs that it can spread throughout. It’s not like. Here I have compartment syndrome and the swelling is stuck in my pocket and it hurts very much. “

What is the difference between the 2014 and 2021 battles with Connor?

“I felt his presence was low and his aura was low,” Poirier said. “I saw another fighter tonight. I think the first fight was like a deer in the headlights. This time I was fighting another guy. Another guy who bleeds like me. And I knew it. ”

This victory puts Poirier in a position to compete for the UFC lightweight title, but there is one minor issue. He seems to be completely against the fight. Fellow Top Candidate Michael Chandler, Dusted Dan Hooker in the first round of the UFC 257 joint main game.

“In honor of Chandler, I won a big victory over the man,” Poirier said. “But how do you get in and beat the guy I just killed and take a title shot? I wonder what this is, 27, 28 are the toughest guys to fight in the UFC and get the money I’ve tried everything to fight the toughest guys in the fight. He should fight Charles Oliveira or something. Let Chandler and Charles Oliveira challenge. At the moment, it’s not very interesting to me. If so, I’m going to sell hot sauce. “

So what is Poirier interested in?

“The rematch with Connor is of interest to me,” he said. “I always wanted to offend Nate Diaz’s ass. It’s interesting to me. I think it makes sense, but I don’t know now. I and Connor are 1-1. Nate Diaz I like to talk a lot online, but I had to go home.

“I can assure you not to fight Michael Chandler. They can do whatever they want in the department, I don’t care. But if something meaningful happens, we can do it. I can do it.”

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Poirier: McGregor was “another bleeding man” at UFC259 Poirier: McGregor was “another bleeding man” at UFC259

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