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One day from UFC257 featuring the resurrection of “The Notorious” Conor McGregor Rematch with Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier at the main event. The joint main event will also feature lightweight, with Michael Chandler making his UFC debut against Dan Hooker.

Pay-per-view kick-off time is 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time), with early Prelims starting at 6:15 pm and ESPN Prelims starting at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Etihad Arena from Fight Island will host the card.

The full main card for the event is:

  • Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier
  • Dan Hooker vs. Michael Chandler
  • Jessica Eye vs. Joanne Calderwood
  • Matt Frebora vs. Ottoman Azeital
  • Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Ribas

MMA News is the place to post all the latest updates for UFC257.You can catch the ritual weighing of the event here.. I myself, Ed Carbajal, Andrew Ravens provided the card predictions. This can be found below.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Ribas

Clyde Aidoo: This is a great exhibition of women’s mixed martial arts to launch the 2021 pay-per-view calendar. Tatiana Suarez isn’t active yet, so I think Amanda Rivas has taken her position as the biggest threat to watch in the sector as she moves up the ranks. With a few more wins, Rivas could fight for the title. I think she will show you why she is one of the best strikers in Marina Rodriguez’s division. Rivas has a big advantage on Matt here, and I believe she has the intelligence and the idea of ​​victory to fight this fight on Matt with a clear game plan here, where Rodriguez I believe that Rivas has no answer. (Pick: Amanda Rivas)

Ed Carbazel: This fight is actually a great match to open the main card. Rivas is rounded enough that he seems to be able to win in every way to win. However, Rodriguez faces competition that may be a bit tougher than what Rivas was against. Rodriguez lost to Carla Esparza and others and fought a draw against Cynthia Calviro, which means she was able to really test Rivas at the UFC 257. Still, I have something to say about Rivas’s nifty attitude. Also, I make a bad choice for her. (Forecast: Amanda Rivas)

Andrew Ravens: Rivas recently won the last five battles, four of which were in the Octagon. Meanwhile, Rodriguez’s final battle, which went to 1-1-1, ended with a split decision to Carla Esparza. For me, it’s an interesting fight on paper, but come on the night of the fight, Rivas should surpass Rodriguez. (Forecast: Amanda Rivas)

Consensus: 3-0 Amanda Rivas

Matt Frebora vs. Ottoman Azeital

Clyde Aidoo: You can expect these athletes to come out and compete, as it is their mission to win performance bonuses. This is a certified banger, which means that if it’s distanced, it will probably be a FOTN caliber. When it comes to precision KO power, Frebora may have more physical strength, but I think Azeital has the upper hand. Also, I think Frebora is easier to hit between the two. This is not something you can afford when confronting someone with a KO / TKO finish rate of close to 76%. Frebora is the type of guy who spoils better than helping a guy with a shiny undefeated record and KO rate, but I support an undefeated fighter who is completely hoping to connect hard with the fight. is needed. (Forecast: Ottman Azaita)

Ed Carbazel: If there is a night candidate fight to predict from the main card, this fight is it. Frebora is tough and has lost to the undefeated Azaitar only once. Azeital is pitching 10 knockouts out of 13 wins. With one defeat of Frebora by knockout, expect Azeital to try to add another one in this battle. Frebora can certainly win, but it’s hard to choose against an undefeated fighter. (Forecast: Ottman Azaita)

Andrew Ravens: A sleeping car for the entire card when the ottoman entered undefeated and won the last three games. Two of them were UFC and won the first round of KO. On the contrary, Frebora seems to have found himself by removing the victory of consecutive decisions. I believe in the ottoman hype and see him once again win the first round of KOs. (Forecast: Ottman Azaita)

Consensus: 3-0 Ottman Azaitar

Jessica Eye vs. Joanne Calderwood

Clyde Aidoo: I can see this battle unfolding in a number of ways. Calderwood has been working on takedown defenses, but Eye is pretty tenacious and I think he can get enough takedowns to win close or split decisions. The match is really toss-up, as both women have a 66% win rate in the UFC flyweight division. However, I think Ai has a more impressive victory between the two against Caitlin Chokagian (who has won Calderwood) and Bibiani Araujo. This is how much you value the judge and Calderwood’s strike against eye wrestling, and how much of each round is composed. (Forecast: Jessica Eye)

Ed Carbazel: They are doing a lot in this fight because both of these women are out of loss. They both like strikes, so it’s not surprising that this goes all three rounds and tries to knock out each other. But if they fall to the ground, Ai may have an edge over Calderwood. Standing, Calderwood may have an edge. Hard to call, Calderwood may have significant advantages enough to win. (Forecast: Joanne Calderwood)

Andrew Ravens: This is the definition when choosing an MMA battle. Not only did these two women lose their last match and take part in this fight, but the last four were 2-2. I don’t know if anyone knows who will win this, but I support Ai by decision just because he has fought against other top talents. (Forecast: Jessica Eye)

Consensus: 2-1 Jessica Eye

Dan Hooker vs. Michael Chandler

Clyde Aidoo: For years, fans have been wondering how Michael Chandler will fight in the UFC. The answer finally started to come out on Saturday night. This is primarily a grappler vs. striker match, but Chandler is certainly not one-dimensional and can explode at your feet. But if he is actively engaged in a long-term stand-up with Dan Hooker, he is not taking advantage of the winning strategy. Chandler is a very IQ individual, so he knows where the best chances of winning this battle are. That is to take advantage of Division I Wrestling. And since Hooker didn’t have much time to prepare for such a dominant strength, it could be a problem for him.

However, Dan Hooker is very game-like and I think the takedown defense will be maintained. At least it’s enough for him to use each limb to strike and probably finish Chandler. I think this fight is very close. Hooker is someone who wants to get back into a very close fight. He’s the best game, and gameplay and intangibles are the perfect attributes to rely on when you’re struggling with visualization. The decisive winner. (Forecast: Dan Hooker)

Ed Carbazel: The battle has received a lot of attention as it is the debut of former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler. His tests target Dan Hooker’s tough customers, but Chandler isn’t a stranger to tough customers. UFC Jitter? It is unlikely for Chandler who fought against Japan in Madison Square Garden. Half of Hooker’s wins are due to knockouts, which happens to be how Chandler lost three times. Although it is a coin toss, Chandler is motivated and lightweight. However, the reach of hookers can be awkward. (Forecast: Dan Hooker)

Andrew Ravens: Chandler finally arrives at the UFC and challenges Hooker. Hooker seems to be on the rise, but he’s a very good fighter who doesn’t know where he is. If he decides to rely on his wrestling, Chandler should surpass Hooker, and I think it will happen. If Chandler can’t get a takedown, Hooker is an exceptional striker, so there’s a bit more challenge, but you can’t knock Chandler’s hand. I give the former Bellator champion the decision. (Prediction: Michael Chandler)

Consensus: 2-1 Dan Hooker

Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier

Clyde Aidoo: One of Dustin Poirier’s biggest knocks was that he didn’t make a big fight. Well, the story died in the hands of Poirier after recently consistently winning the main event match. In fact, Poirier has won five of the last six main events, which happens to be five of the last six battles. The only loss was in the seemingly invincible Habib Nurmagomedov. But if you think you’re setting up a Dustin Poirier pick, think again.

Conor McGregor is the ultimate big fight performer, and you won’t find a world where Dustin Poirier beats Conor McGregor with his feet. As long as Dustin Poirier has improved, there is always one weakness left. That is, he is very vulnerable. And if there’s one fighter in this division, it’s Conor McGregor who can’t afford to be attacked. If this fight extends to a championship round, Poirier’s style may be better suited to the war, but I’m sure there is a false story of Connor’s inadequate aerobic exercise. So even if the fight is pulled out, I think Connor is likely to beat Poirier enough to win the decision, which is the second Diaz fight. Unless you’re a very dominant wrestler or zombie facing McGregor on your welterweight debut, I think you’re better off choosing Conor in almost every match. He is very good (Forecast: Conor McGregor)

Ed Carbazel: This may be a rematch, and at the time of writing, Poirier is a +250 underdog, but that may change by the time they weigh. Another change is the type of fighter Poirier has had since the first battle in 2014. Now he’s a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, a guillotine choke is popular, and he’s almost an MMA meme. McGregor is good, but the submission has been shown to be a gap in his “notorious” armor. Don’t be surprised if the weak win. (Forecast: Dustin Poirier)

Andrew Ravens: Most will favor the former UFC champion because of the way their first fight went and the fact that many are watching McGregor smash Poirier. I am also on that side. MMA games have levels, and very good Poirier is not at that level. His fight with Habib shows just that. This isn’t the same as McGregor fighting non-Prime Minister Donald Cerrone, but it seems like another fight McGregor should easily win, but I don’t think it will end in a minute, as he predicted. I have McGregor winning the second round of TKO. (Forecast: Conor McGregor)

Consensus: 2-1 Conor McGregor

This concludes the UFC257 forecast. Do you agree with the MMA News staff? Who do you think will win the main card? Tell us your predictions in the comments below, and don’t forget to stick with us for live coverage of the UFC 257!

– MMA Sports

Poirier vs. McGregor 2 Staff Prediction Poirier vs. McGregor 2 Staff Prediction

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