Poison by a colleague suspected of dying from the founder of Yoozoo Games

LinQi, the founder of Yoozoo Games, died on Christmas Day eight days after being hospitalized suffering from “acute illness symptoms.” According to the Guardian, Shanghai police have revealed that the poison may have contributed to Lynn’s death. This may have involved a colleague.

Yoozoo Games is the best-known Shanghai studio for the Game of Thrones strategy game Winteris Coming. Yoozoo will also produce the next Netflix adaptation of the three-body problem, to which Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss belong.

According to a report from Shanghai police, the hospital determined that Hayashi had been poisoned. Police detained the suspect under the surname Xu, who allegedly worked with Lin at Youzuzoo Games. A police statement only stated that Xu was detained “according to the law while the relevant investigations were underway.”

After establishing Yoozoo Games in 2009, Lin was thought to have had a net worth of about 6.8 billion yuan, or about $ 1 billion. Yoozoo also publishes the browser-based MMORPG series League of Angels. to-play model.

Yoozoo posted a homage to LinQi signed by company staff. “Together, we continue to be kind, believe in beauty, and fight everything unfriendly,” reads the translated version of the statement.

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