Pokemon GO Adds Gallarian Mr. Mime at New Event This Week

Another Galarian Pokemon will soon debut in Pokemon Go. Gallarian Mr. Mime and its evolution, Mr. Rime, will appear in mobile games next weekend as part of a special research story event, but tickets are required to participate.

The event will start at 10am local time on December 19th and will run until 8pm local time the next day. Tickets run for US $ 8. Purchasing your ticket will give you access to a special research-only quest line that will lead you to encounter ice and sound-based Pokemon such as Alolan Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Jynx, Snorunt and the aforementioned Galarian Mr. Mime. Niantic also won Mr. Mime Candy through the quest line, Mr. It states that it can evolve into Rime.

Even if you don’t buy a ticket, you’ll have more chances to catch a particular Pokemon that weekend. From December 18th to 21st, a few ice cubes such as Jynx, Swinub, Spoink, Woobat, Cubchoo and “melodious” Pokemon are more often attracted to incense sticks, and the incense sticks themselves last for 3 hours. You also have the first chance to meet Shiny Cubchoo that weekend. For more information on the event, please visit the Pokemon Go website.

Meanwhile, Niantic will host a two-day Community Day weekend event on December 12th and 13th. Throughout the event, all of the featured Pokemon from Community Day earlier this year will reappear in the wild and you can encounter 2019 featuring Pokemon in raids and hatching them from 2km eggs ..

Niantic also has several other December events. Shiny Celebi will debut in the game on December 14th, and the legendary Pokemon Kyurem will reappear in the 5-star raid for a month. There is also a new batch of field research tasks this month.

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