Pokemon GO adds mythical Zard at a special research event in October

The mythical dark grass-type Pokemon Zarde comes to Pokemon Go as part of a special research event. Announced in a blog post, Zarude will debut at Pokemon Go on Friday, October 8th at Netflix as part of a special event celebrating the release of the movie “Pokemon THE MOVIE: Secret of the Jungle”.

Zarude’s special research line will be available from October 1st to 10th. Once obtained, the survey will not expire and can be completed at any time. After completing the investigation, players will be able to encounter Zard for the first time in Pokemon Go. Zarude was first introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Movie-related Pokemon such as Hoothoot, Combee, Drilbur, Cottonee, and Dwebble appear more frequently in the wild. Explorer Pikachu can also be found in the wild.

There are also special 1-star and 3-star raids:

One Star Raid

  • Explorer Pikachu
  • Larvitar
  • Roggenrola
  • Foongus
  • Rufflet

3 star assault

  • Lickitung
  • lucky
  • Kairos
  • Ludicolo
  • Flygon

Team Rocket Jesse and James also appeared during the event, flying around in Meowth’s balloons from October 1st to 15th. Free avatar items will be available in the shop during the event, and PokeStops will stop thematic field research and meet Audino, Rufflet and more.

The Zarude event also coincides with October’s Pokemon Community Day on October 9th, featuring a lovely and eerie daskull.

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