Pokemon Go begins to allow transfers to Pokemon Swords & Shields via Pokemon Home

Niantic has level 40 players Pokemon GO You can now export captured monsters from mobile games Pokemon sword And shield via Pokemon home..

This feature was first confirmed to be available by the end of the year on a special broadcast in September. According to , you can send monsters into the game at the cost of Transporter Energy (but you can’t bring them back again). ‘mon consumes 10 energies and the price goes up with the rarity of Pokemon.

This energy is then replenished at a rate of 60 per hour, but of course you can also buy Pokecoins with real money to speed up the process.Transferring a creature unlocks a special melmetal that allows you to use Gigantamax’s abilities in Pokemon Home. Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Features are available at Pokemon GO It will be for Level 40 trainers on Android and iOS and will be rolled out to other players in the coming weeks. For more information on how forwarding works, please visit the official Pokemon Go website.–shield-via-pokemon-home

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