Pokemon GO Creators’ new Niantic mobile game is Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom Trailer Screenshot

image: Niantic

Announced concisely and vaguely in March, Nintendo and Niantic just unwrapped Pikmin Bloom, The latest game born from a partnership between the two companies.

Not surprisingly, it’s very similar Pokemon GO, It’s about going out into the real world and interacting with things. It’s a good idea to find Pikmin seeds and get out of the house for a walk. In the middle. The more Pikmin you find, the more you can chase you on the screen and leave huge traces of flowers in the wake for other players to see.

Nicely, the avatar in this game is portrayed as Miis. The game’s debut trailer is below, including a brief presentation by Shigeru Miyamoto.

This all looks cute, healthy and nice, but there seems to be little to do here other than walking around and creating those journals. Pikmin The universe does not have the same focus on additional activities like battles or catching unique and memorable creatures like Pokemon NS. It’s hard to see this making great strides based on word of mouth. Pokemon (When Pokemon GO By extension,) is a pop culture Jaguar note that is known and loved around the world, but by comparison, Pikmin is a series that only Nintendo fans of a certain age really affectionately think about.

But then duplicate Pokemon GO Success here is probably not the goal! Pikmin Bloom I’m happy just because I want to go out. Once you go out, the walk becomes a little more interesting. If you can succeed with those humble goals, that may be all you wanted to do.

I’m in Australia and the game has already been published (although there is no final title). Ninantic says it will be rolled out globally in the next few days.

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