Pokemon Go developers make fun of AR glasses • .net

John Hanke, the boss of Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, showed off his Google Glass-style glasses and made fun of them.

The glasses are customized with the Niantic logo, but Hanke’s twitter According to the post, the spec was created to interact with games on Niantic’s AR platform.

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For now, I can guess about the internal technology, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Niantic testing games on headset devices.

Microsoft released HoloLens’ Pokémon Go tech demo last month. Hanke used a mixed reality headset to interact with the virtual creatures in the game.

The tech demos were branded “proof of concept” and “not for consumers,” but they seemed to be able to play with Pokemon just like Pokemon Go’s current buddy system.

With Niantic’s transparent Glass-style glasses, like the HoloLens, you’ll probably be able to see creatures that are directly overlaid on the environment.

Elsewhere, Niantic recently announced a partnership with Nintendo to work on other new AR experiences. The first of these is the Pikmin app.


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