Pokemon Go Holiday 2020 event announced, with vanillite, shiny jinx and more

Developer Niantic has announced that Pokemon Go’s annual holiday event will be back next week. The event begins at 8am local time on December 22nd and features a number of festive activities and bonuses, including an increased emergence of Ice Pokemon and exclusive research tasks to complete.

During the holiday event, ice-shaped Pokemon such as Spheal, Snover, and Snorunt appear in the wild and hatch more frequently than usual from 5km of eggs. Fresh Snow Pokemon Vanillite and its evolution will also make its debut in the game during the event, with Arolan Sandshrew, Dugong, Jinx, Walrein and more as raid bosses.

In addition to all Ice Pokemon, Pokemon in some festive costumes will also be available during the Holiday 2020 event. You can catch Pikachu, Deliverdo, and Cubchoo in holiday-themed costumes. You also have the chance to encounter Shiny Jinx in the raid.

Not only will Pokemon spawn more, but you will also need to complete a variety of event-specific field research tasks. These, among other rewards, lead to the encounter between Cryogonal and Vanillite. Niantic is also adding new holiday-themed avatar items to Pokemon Go’s style shop, including Greedent Sweater, Whimsicott Earmuffs, and Winter Coat.

Finally, Niantic offers a variety of bonuses during the celebration. Throughout the event, you can carry 40 gifts at a time and open up to 45 gifts daily. The following bonuses will also be available on certain days:

  • December 22-23-2x Raid XP
  • December 24-25-2x catch candy
  • December 26-27-2x Starpiece Duration
  • December 28-29-2x Lucky Egg Duration
  • December 30-31-2x catch stardust

The Holiday 2020 event will run until 10 pm local time on December 31st. For more information, please visit the Pokemon Go website.

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