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Please do not pass the date of this Celebi.

Pokemon GO has already announced plans to present a super-rare shiny version of the super-rare mythical creature Celebi.

This is an eye-catching giveaway that can be tied to the secret release of Pokemon: Jungle the Movie, featuring Shiny Celebi for a limited time later this month.

Celebi was first introduced in 1999 at Pokemon Gold and Silver. For the 21 years since then, there have been only two other opportunities to legally rob the pink shiny version without cheating. It’s a painstaking process of promoting Japanese movie tickets earlier this year and soft-resetting the virtual console version of Pokemon Crystal. Thousands of times.

Anyway, you probably need to catch one in Pokemon Go. The limited-time event will be held for a week starting at 8 am local time on Monday, December 14th.

Other Pokémon from the Secret of the Jungle will be introduced, yet another new hated Pikachu will be introduced, and Shiny Rufflet will be available for the first time from a 5km egg.

Stunningly, the story of this event is presented by Team Rocket Jesse and James, not Professor Willow.

This week was a very busy week for Pokemon Go. France includes the introduction of new level caps and related quests, seasonal changes, 6th generation Pokemon, and a British corner.

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