Pokemon GO regains some pandemic bonuses

Pokemon Go has reimplemented some temporary bonuses, developer Niantic announced. For the next few months, incense will attract more Pokemon again when it becomes active, and both your buddy Pokemon will find more gifts and do so more often than usual every day.

These bonuses were initially implemented in Pokemon Go as part of Niantic’s efforts to make the game easier to play at home as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but were removed in October. .. As the studio explained on the Pokemon Go website, they will be available again until at least June 2021.

“These bonuses are temporary, but will remain in the game until at least June 2021,” the studio writes. “We will notify you at least one month in advance before it changes.”

The studio also states that more bonuses will be available as part of upcoming events, including shorter egg hatching distances, increased trading distances, and more single PokeCoin item bundles. In addition, Niantic is now offering double XP to catch and evolve Pokemon and other tasks ahead of the game’s major Go Beyond update.

Pokemon Go recently implemented the ability to transfer Pokemon directly to Pokemon Home. To celebrate this, Niantic will be hosting a new event until November 23rd. As part of the event, Shiny Slow Pork and Shiny Meltan will be featured in the game. What’s more, this month’s second Community Day will take place on November 21st. The Pokemon of interest this time is Magmer, who evolved into Magmortar within two hours of the end of the event and will learn the electric Charge Attack Thunderbolt.

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