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We guarantee that everything will remain until June 2021.

Pokemon Go has revived some of the previous blockade bonuses introduced earlier this year as the Northern Hemisphere heads for an uncertain winter in the ongoing pandemic.

The effect of incense has increased again, making it easier to catch Pokemon spawns on your sofa at home or anywhere. Your fellow Pokemon will also bring gifts from nearby Pokestops multiple times a day without having to go out and spin yourself.

Developer Niantic announced the changes published last night, promising that all current bonuses are valid “at least until June 2021” and will be notified at least one month before the changes. did.

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Last month, Niantic reduced the bonus it was offering during the blockade, which was previously granted on a 30-day rolling basis. The decision to extend all of them for at least seven months is an interesting move. This tells how Niantic predicts global health for the next six months, how it will continue to influence the game, and why. Temporarily think about the event and execute it.

It’s worth noting that one of the key bonuses, incubator distance reduction, hasn’t returned, according to Niantic, but will be offered at several upcoming events.

“Look for the next bonuses you’ll see at upcoming events and make sure you have components that you can play safely in any situation: shorter incubator distances, more trade distances, 1 Pokecoin bundles, and more.”

Earlier this week, Niantic announced that it would release Go Beyond, the biggest update in Pokemon Go history, in the week of November 30th. The game will increase its initial level cap to 50 with related new challenges, introduction of seasons, a review of competitive rankings, and the introduction of 6th generation creatures from the Kalos region.


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