Pokemon GO will add Espurr and other 6th generation Pokemon this week

A big Go Beyond update for Pokemon Go has been released. In short, a new generation of Pokemon will soon debut in mobile games. Niantic will be introducing the first wave of Gen 6 Pokemon to Go this week as part of a new Kalos Celebration event starting tomorrow, December 2nd at 8am.

Throughout the week-long event, a handful of Pokemon from the Kalos region will emerge in the wild and hatch from eggs such as the 6th generation starters Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. What’s more, players can encounter some Kalos Pokemon in the raid. Among them is the psychic-type Espurr, which appears in a one-star raid throughout the event.

In addition to increasing Pokemon spawns, there are event-specific field and timed research tasks that are completed during the event. Kalos Celebration will be held until 10 pm local time on December 8th. For more information on this event, please visit the official Pokemon Go website.

These aren’t the only new Pokemon to debut in Go this week. Mega Abomasnow will be the new Mega Raid boss to replace Mega Blassoise from December 1st. If you can defeat Mega Abomasnow with a raid, you can earn Abomasnow Mega Energy. Once you’ve collected enough, you can use it to mega-evolve your Aboma Snow.

Niantic is lined with several December events, including a two-day Community Day weekend celebration starring all the Pokemon featured so far this year, and the new Spotlight Hour Pokemon. The legendary Kyurem will also return to the 5-star raid throughout December.

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