Pokemon GO will add Shiny Celebi next week

Pokemon Go players will soon have the chance to get another Shiny Mythical Pokemon. To commemorate the release of the Western movie of the series’ latest animated film, Pokemon the Movie: The Secret of the Jungle, Niantic will introduce Shiny Celebi to mobile games this month.

Starting Monday, December 14th, players will be able to participate in a new special research story inspired by Pokemon movies. This research line will be available in-game for a limited time and will culminate in your encounter with Shiny Celebi.

In addition, Team Rocket Jesse and James are back in the game. Niantic says a malicious duo will guide you through the story of Shiny Celebi’s special study on behalf of Professor Willow. You can also encounter them with their signature Meowth balloons on the map, and this time they have two different shadow Pokemon.

Shiny Celebi is not the only movie Pokemon players will encounter this month. From December 14th to 17th, other Pokemon from the Secret of the Jungle will appear in Pokemon Go more often than usual. Hoothoot, Nuzleaf, Drilbur, Cottonee, Dwebble and more will appear in the wild, and Lickitung, Mawile, Flygon and Rufflet will appear in Raids. Shiny rufflet will also be available.

Finally, Pikachu wearing a new hat will also make his Pokemon GO debut. From December 14th to 21st, Explorer Pikachu will be available in the wild and raids. You’ll also have the chance to meet the shiny version, which will be the Pokemon that will appear in the Spotlight Hour on December 15th. For more information on the Shiny Celebi event, please visit the Pokemon Go website.

Meanwhile, Niantic is hosting a number of December events for the game. Kalos Celebration is currently underway, but this month’s two-day Community Day weekend event will take place December 12-13.

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