Pokemon Legend: Arceus: How to Get Darkrai

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will be released next month, and players can catch Darkrai if they have played Brilliant Diamonds & Shining Pearls.

Release of Pokemon Legend: Arceus Is approaching, and it has been confirmed that Darkrai will also appear in the game, along with several Hisuian variants such as Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Zorua.when Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Players released last month were able to find this mysterious Pokemon in the Sinnoh region after getting the National Dex.Although not mentioned in the latest trailer released in the United States, a Japanese gameplay trailer released on the same day showed that Darkrai will be available to certain players. Pokemon Legend: Arceus..

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Introduced in the original Gen IV Diamonds & pearls The game Darkrai is a rare mythical Pokemon that players will soon encounter another opportunity as they explore. Ancient area of ​​jade Pokemon Legend: Arceus.. Darkrai is a pure dark type of Pokemon known to invade dreams in the Pokemon world and bring horrific, endless nightmares to people. However, this act is actually self-defense, and Darkrai has no malicious intent towards humans. The stories and legends surrounding this mythical Pokemon in the Jade region are unknown. Pokemon Legend: Arceus. not yet, Several Players can find and catch this Pokemon as part of a research quest.

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In the original Diamonds & pearls For the Nintendo DS, Darkrai was only available as a mystery gift at a limited-time event, making this popular Mythical Pokemon extremely rare in the 4th generation.Currently, Darkrai is only available at Pokemon Legend: Arceus For trainers who have played Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl..As part of Galaxy Expedition Team, They will be one of the first to learn everything about Darkrai when studying Darkrai to complete their first Pokédex entry.

Get Darkrai with Pokemon Legend: Arceus

Darkrai flies in the blue sky

After breaking the main story of Pokemon Legend: Arceus, The player that stores the file Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl You will be able to find and catch Darkrai on their switch console Legend As part of the post-match content. After the credits have been rolled back, players can return to Jubi Life Village, where they can accept research quests from specific NPCs to find and catch Darkrai.Unfortunately, players who haven’t logged in for hours Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl You can’t get this quest in their game with their switch, but the player doesn’t have to win Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Before you can Find Darkrai Pokemon Legend: Arceus..

In addition, the player who has Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl The save file will allow you to get a set of modern Team Galactic clothing designed to look like the familiar Team Galactic wake-up from the current Sinnoh era. This outfit can be purchased at the Jubi Life Village clothing store after the player has joined the Galaxy Expedition Team. According to the Pokemon Company, this area will be available after approximately an hour of gameplay.

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Pokemon Legend: Arceus It will be available on Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus: How to Get Darkrai

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