Pokemon Legend: Arceus is the first fully open world game in the series

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After years of fan demand, Game Freak finally set up an open-world Pokemon game in the Shinno region, long ago.

Many expected to see a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in today’s Pokemon Presents presentation, but Game Freak and Nintendo had an extra surprise hidden in their sleeves: Pokemon Legend. : Arceus.

Set in the same Sinnoh region as the Diamond and Pearl game, Pokemon Legend has taken place in the distant past and looks like a completely open world, tasked with creating the region’s first Pokédex.

Unlike previous entries, you can catch wild Pokemon in real time. So now it’s up to you to hide in the tall grass and attack unprotected targets.

The Pokemon you can encounter are not limited to those offered by the Sinnoh region. It’s very unlikely that all 800 or more will appear, but in the trailer you’ll see creatures from the entire series.

The battle is still turn-based, but now it’s on the world map, and you can seamlessly transition to battle by throwing a Pokeball with one of your chosen partners near a wild Pokemon.

The mainline game has some features, such as choosing glasses, fire, and water starter as the first Pokemon, and the exact details are still lacking, but this first impression alone has fans so far. It shows a game that is very different from what you see.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has tried something similar with this in the Wild Area and DLC extensions, but this seems to be closer to the Zelda world: Breath of the Wild.

I’m not sure if it will be as open as the game, but Pokemon Legend is already very close to the kind of game some fans have dreamed of since the franchise first moved to 3D. It has become.

“The fun of catching Pokemon and exploring while filling the Pokédex has always been a central part of the Pokemon video game series,” says Tsunekazu Ishihara, the boss of the Pokemon Company.

“Pokemon Legend: Arceus was developed with the desire to provide an experience that incorporates new actions and RPG elements that go beyond established frameworks while respecting the core gameplay of past Pokemon titles. It was. “

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will be released for Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is series’ first fully open world game

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