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Pokemon Shining Pearl is a slightly outdated remake of one of Pokemon’s more disruptive entries, but it’s fun. There’s a lot of work to do and post-game content, but the lack of platinum content and simple visual styles may put you off. Still, what exists is great, whether or not you played the original game.

Pokemon Shining Pearl
Developer: ILCA
Price: $ 70
Platform: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
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I have memories of playing Pokemon pearl Like many others, when I was about 10 years old.I’m always looking forward to it Pokemon Remakes are developments made in the industry since the original release and offer an opportunity to explore the concept of previous games. In some respects Shining pearl This will succeed, but I wish it went one step further and brought in the content from. Pokemon Platinum..

The beginning of Shining pearl It ’s pretty familiar to anyone who has played it. Pokemon Title. You are a customizable young child who lives in a quiet little town. While exploring a nearby lake with your friends, you will be attacked by Pokemon and protect yourself with the creatures of a local professor. You will maintain a new partner and be sent to the wider world of the Sinnoh region, defeating eight gym leaders, completing Pokédex and saving the world from the evil team galaxy.

It’s a standard story Pokemon, But it has some interesting characters scattered throughout the story. Cyrus is a stoic villain, platinum The content of the story is intriguingly off from the start of the game. This rival is a great combination of friendly and competitive, and champion Cynthia is one of the best champions in the series. It’s not the best story of a franchise, but it serves its purpose and has some exciting moments.

“”It’s easier to spend more time in the basement than playing the main game.“”

It’s through a few additions to gameplay and remakes, it’s Shining pearl It’s really shining. One of the hardest criticisms of the original game is the variety of content available to players, which still exists in remakes. There is a regular Jim / Pokemon League Challenge and a super contest to test the various aesthetic qualities of Pokemon. Next, there is a huge ground underground to explore. Here you can find exclusive Pokemon, dig treasures and fossils, and create secret bases full of treasures. All with friends or on your own. It’s easier to spend more time in the basement than playing the main game.

The main game is a blast, so you don’t necessarily choose to do so. Although a bit overwhelming in most of the game (without shattering), the battle between Elite Four and Champion provides a thrilling moment that requires real strategy at the average level. Even after defeating the main story, you can capture the legendary Pokemon and conquer the battle tower to fight the enemy in a row. I’ve been working for 40 hours and still playing, and it’s not created by the IV or EV team, so you can definitely sink some time into these remakes.

There aren’t many mechanic-based changes from the original game, but the ones that exist will greatly help make the remake smoother.The best addition is that random wild Pokemon Use HM. This means you don’t have to teach Pokemon HM and free up moving slots for real attacks. This greatly improves the need to dedicate at least one party member to the HM slave and greatly enhances party customization. Others are kept the same, like a slightly more complex union room. Meet your friends in the Union Room to trade and fight with them. With the Nintendo DS, it was a fun idea when wireless communication was new, but this time it feels like another step.

I hope these remakes have content added from platinum, An improved third Sinnoh DS game. Things like Distortion World and Battle Frontier feature memorable content that really helped to conclude the Sinnoh experience, and it’s a shame that the remake didn’t include this.This inclusion would have made these remakes decisive diamond When Pearl With experience, I wish they went one step further here.

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“”The theme of Team Galactic Battle stands out as a highlight on so many battle tracks, with an energetic feeling of excitement in the battle.“”

Shining pearlThe visual style of is probably the most controversial part of the remake, given its obvious simplicity. Not the pixel art of the original game or the tall 3D model of the recent game Shining pearl Choose to move the pixel art style to a 3D model. Everyone is a chibi outside the battle and their faces have a fairly basic look. I don’t hate that style, but it feels a bit lacking. I think it took a little more effort because there are few expressions and it’s boring.

On the other hand, the music is great. The theme of Team Galactic Battle stands out as a highlight on so many battle tracks, with an energetic feeling of excitement in the battle. The new versions of these tracks are great and retain the atmosphere of the original song.So the dope soundtrack is actually Pokemon It’s a game, but it’s still worth pointing out.

The last word
Pokemon Shining Pearl may not be a perfect remake, but it does a pretty good job of leading the Sinnoh region to a new generation. The variety of content and post-game experience can greatly help make this feel like a fully fleshed game, even if the content is lacking. Whether you are new to Sinnoh or a trainer returning home, be sure to check out Shining Pearl.

MonsterVine Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – good

Pokémon Shining Pearl Review – A Real Pearl

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