Pokemon Sword and Shield gets updated

The latest update of Pokemon Sword and Shield has been released. Today, Game Freak has released a new update for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is allegedly patching some unpublished bug fixes, including those dealing with combat mechanics. Patch notes are not currently available, but players can download updates for free when they connect to the internet on their Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield may not contain significant content updates as the Crown Tundra DLC was released earlier this fall and was functionally complete.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has become the first Pokemon game to receive multiple post-release content updates, with a longer update timeline thanks to downloadable content. The “Isle of Armor” and “Crown Tundra” DLC packages have added two new areas to explore (each about the same size as the original wild area), adding hundreds of Pokemon from past games to the Galal area. In addition, the new DLC also adds several new game modes, including Max Raid Battles and Galarian Star tournaments. DLC will also continue the trend that began with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and add some new legendary Pokemon (and regional slow pork lines) to the game to make it the “generation” of the game after launch. Added a new Pokemon.

If this update is the last major update for Pokemon Swords and Shields, it probably means we can start looking into the future of the Pokemon franchise. The 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise is next year, and the Pokemon Company has big plans. In addition to the many new content planned for Pokemon Card Games and Pokemon Go, there are also plans to release several new Pokemon game slate, including new Pokemon Snap, MOBA game Pokemon Unite, and a sequel to Detective. Pikachu. Rumors are also swirling about new Pokemon games, perhaps remakes of past games like Pokemon Gold and Silver or Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

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