Pokemon Unite developers explain why the scoreboard is hidden

Pokemon UniteTiMi Studios free-play MOBAs, owned by The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games, continue to move. Released on the Nintendo Switch in July, the game appeared on mobile devices in September and was updated seasonally with welcome additions such as the Gengar spacesuit and the pretty flashy Blassoise.

But costumes are just part of the fun. The game has a fiercely competitive scene suitable for a top-down competitive arena game.

In essence, it’s a pretty friendly game. You play in 5v5 teams and each collects points that can be credited to the goals of the other team. The 10-minute match ends quickly, and depending on MOBA’s experience, some contests can quickly become one-sided.

The final result of the match can be surprising because the score is not displayed during an active match. Finally, only the final score is displayed. Instead of a specific scoreboard, players are pinged with a general message like “We have a big lead!”. And “We are really having a hard time!”

In an interview with the developers, Kotaku reporter Ethan Gach asked Pokemon UniteProducer Masaaki Hoshino, why is the scoreboard invisible to the player?

“The match lasts 10 minutes and the players may come back, so I wanted them to play until the end,” Hoshino said.

People can’t give up and quit because they don’t have a scoreboard — it makes sense.of Pokemon Unite, Mechanisms like defeating Zapdos can significantly reduce the time it takes to score, but they can change the tide very quickly. Only one or two competitors who have accumulated points will be instagrams and can completely change their lead. If you don’t know your score, don’t give up right away.

It may not be a microcosm of encouragement that your team is said to be “really struggling,” but it may be better than seeing the big gap grow even bigger.

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