Pokemon Unite version is available, this is buff and nerf

Popular free play Nintendo Switch and smartphone Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon Unite, Updated today. The new update brings Pokemon Unite to version, introducing a variety of buffs and nerfs from popular Pokemon characters such as Kamex and Gengar. The Pokemon Company also recently announced that the Halloween Festival will begin today on October 20th.

Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival Event Trailer:

Pokemon Unite Version Update:

Pokemon mania


  • Thunder: damage gain..
  • Bolt tackle: damage gain..


  • amnesia: cool down Reduction..
  • amnesia: HP recovery gain..


  • Level 5: After reaching level 5, Gengar Recover HP Every time you do special damage. The health you recover is based on the number of damage done to your opponent.

Pokemon nerf


  • Hydro pump: damage Decrease..
  • Hydro Typhoon: damage Decrease ..
  • Waterspout: cool down Reduction..


  • Attack statistics: It has been Reduction.
  • Immobility: The frequency of activation Reduction..
  • Aura Cannon: Fixed a bug where the Aura Cannon would do more damage after being used after a power-up punch.


  • Basic attack: Attack speed gain..
  • Dragon Rush: The damage is Has increased.
  • Rough skin: Adjust activation delay

Pokemon balance


  • Giga drain: HP recovery has been reduced.
  • Giga drain: Reduced damage to Venusaur after reduced use of Gigadrain.
  • Sunbeam: Damage has increased.

Bug fix for Pokemon Unite Update

These are the main buff and nerf changes from the patch, but many other Pokemon have been tuned to fix bugs related to the character and its movements. These are:


  • Hayate’s brim: Fixed a bug where Gale Wings would not be activated after respawning from KO.


  • bug: Fixed a bug that was causing display issues.


Pokemon UNITE Version available, here’s the buffs and nerfs

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