Pokemon Unite’s Snorlax hits pudding with a tough sleep nerf

In the middle of the Pokemon Unite Arena, a round pink Pokemon, Pudding, smiles.

screenshot: Pokemon Company / TiMi Studio Group

in the meantime Fresh man When Some great quality of life changes Definitely exciting, today Pokemon Unite The update also included a huge list of gameplay tweaks. As always, some Pokémon have been helped and some have been hindered, but it’s hard to say that some have been more affected than snorlax or pudding. Both saw significant downgrades as developers reduced the benefits of putting their opponents to sleep.

To date, sleep status has been a large tool in the repertoire of Snorlax and Wigglytuff players. Not only did it prevent sleeping enemies from acting for a period of time, but its omissions freed them to potential beatdowns. It was also a versatile ability, as it provided a great way to escape the more powerful Pokemon if you were caught behind the line of enemies. However, with this latest patch, sleeping Pokemon now wake up when struck instead of lying down.

It’s a little hard to analyze the intent behind this change.Both English When Japan The patch notes previously mentioned how sleep worked as a bug, but only the latter details how sleep seems to work before today’s update. increase. It’s strange to think that such a serious bug survived for months without developer intervention. In particular, it has become a major part of the Wigglytuff metagame in particular.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that sleep movements are completely useless. Status is still a great distraction and movement denial tool, and I’m sure people still have some scoring available while their opponents are forced to take a nap. It’s just wild to see it change all the time.

Kotaku I contacted the developers for more information, but didn’t get a response before the release.

Another big tweak isn’t even mentioned in the official patch notes. When Greninja uses DoubleTeam, the two clones created by the move will be able to activate their own abilities. This transforms a simple decoy into an aggressive tool that increases Grenninga’s damage output, especially when using powerful attacks such as surf and water shurikens.

According to difficult numbers Guess from fans, Each clone deals 25% damage of real Greninja. This means that if both clones manage to attack their opponent, they can do an additional 50% damage. Don’t look too dirty!

As always, it will take some time before the real impact of today comes out. Pokemon Unite The update comes to light.Easy to pass Quick judgeBut these things don’t happen in a vacuum. Even if something like a change in sleep looks dramatic on paper, you still need multiple match contexts to really understand the winners and losers.

But hey, I could just feel charity because I barely touched the baby’s crustle.

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