Pollster: Box Art Brawl # 68-Super Mario World

Welcome to Box Art Brawl, you’re a beautiful bunch — regular polls to find out which of the two or more vintage video game cover variants around the world are better than everything else (diew, diew, diew-diew, diew), Better than anyone we have ever met.

I saw it last time F-ZERO Please participate in the race. It was a close call, but in the end it was the North American and European variants that won the checkered flag on race day, 57% of the votes and one side of champagne on the podium.

I’m particular about Super Nintendo / Nintendo this week (I’m just 30 years old) dontchyaknow) And look at another classic launch game — probably Include A classic launch game. Super Mario World Not only is it one of the highlights of the 16-bit era, it’s also one of the highlights of medium and full stop.

There isn’t much else to really say. Grab your cape and get started on it.

North America


The simplicity of this is unusual and eye-catching. It’s Mazza … well, Joza Shoot the optimistic blue sky in a classic 16-bit style. Mario’s yellow cloak flaps in the breeze, but there is little else to distract. “9 worlds and 96 levels of non-stop action” First.

Mario is still empty, happy and enthusiastic, but when Yoshi sees his fellow plumbers, he really fascinates us. Mario may be the one who conceptually calls a shot of his dinosaur mount (and obviously sucks his poor horse behind his head), but the dinosaur’s smile and adorable look Shows that he is clearly humorous of his little Italian companion. “Yes, yes, okay Mario-get the cape and go on an adventure …”



Many in Europe had covers very similar to the North American varieties, but some countries, including France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, got this mashup of top and bottom covers. The same key art is flipped over and placed in the background to show the world of Super Mario to explore and the enemies encountered in the game.

But there are so many reds. We like red. Red is amazing! There was a lot of blue on the other cover, so why not make it red here?



Super Mario Bros. 4, The game is subtitled in Japan, so it features the same key art of Mario and Yoshi. The yellow background certainly pops out — you won’t miss this when you glance at the shelves — and it’s surrounded by a fetch pair of orange strips.

There’s definitely a lot happening in the Japanese version compared to the NA Box, but it’s more equivalent Better?? It’s up to you to decide!

So you’ve seen three options, which one is the best? Please select your favorite and click “Vote” to let us know.

Have a great week. See you next time in the Box Art Brawl.

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