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Taking a combat test often favors a strong heart when climbing a mountain of mixed martial arts.In today’s episode The other side of the pond, You meet the Blood Snake and prove that his obedience skills can be deadly to attack enemies who are not careful. On behalf of professional mixed martial artists since October 2012 Glory MMA and Fitness, Darrick Minner He owns 25-11 records through 36 professional battles consisting of 22 submissions, one knockout, and two decisions. Minner fought for numerous promotions, including the Legacy Fighting Alliance, before his debut. UFC so UFC Appeared on ESPN Plus 27 in February 2020. He will also appear in the 7th week of the 3rd season of the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series in 2019. In my journey as a professional MMA fighter, I have finished 23 out of 25 wins.

Disorderly Conduct 14 Seasons Beat 1 he submitted James smith Through rear-naked choke in the first round.The miner also tapped out the following four opponents, including victory Justin Morrison And De Andrew Jones. Then he was defeated at the DCS3 Fightfest Robert Flaherty Via Round 1 TKO.Minor defeat William Osborne Through a unanimous decision at RFA10. At RFA13 he tapped out Austin Lyons In the first round via the arm bar.Minor submitted his next three enemies, including victory Tony Clouder And Shane Mofit. He was defeated Marvin Bloomers At RFA24 through a unanimous decision.Minor taps out Eric Vo Rear-naked choke in the first round at DCS17 Matt brown In Round 1 of RFA 30. At DCS22, he tapped out. Brandon ball In Round 1 via the arm bar.Minor submission Bill Camery Through triangle choke in the first round of DCS 25 Spring Brawl 4.He tapped out the following three opponents, including victory Shut And Zack Smith. At DCS 38, he submitted Chuka Willis In the first round.Minor taps out Joey Munoz Second round with rear-naked choke at DCS 41. In Final Fight Championship 33, he tapped out. Clay Collard By rear-naked choke in Round One.Minor submission Terence McKinley Through triangle choke in the first round of MCF18.He tapped out Charlie Dubray In Round 1 of DCS57.

For the second outing with him UFC so UFC Submitted by Minner on ESPN Plus 36 TJ Laramie In the first round. The victory was the 22nd submission victory of his professional career to the minor, UFC.. You can stick to the submission with his viper-like squeeze. Going to the ground with this grappler added stabs!

Minor v Brown RFA30

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Pond Profile Overall: UFC Fighter Darrick Minor Pond Profile Overall: UFC Fighter Darrick Minor

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