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A fighter’s journey to the UFC can be groundbreaking and rewarding once you overcome the challenges.In today’s episode The other side of the pond, You’ll meet a towering tiger of thunder at the UFC, delivering a heavyweight, booming roar. On behalf of professional mixed martial arts since November 2010 Smithpit, Jake Collier He holds 13-6 records throughout 19 professional matches consisting of 5 knockouts, 4 submissions, and 4 decisions. Collier fought for a number of promotions, including RFA, before making his debut in the UFC at UFC Fight Night 58 in December 2014. He has finished 9 out of 13 wins in his journey as a professional MMA fighter.

He faced with his MMA debut at Rumble Time Promotions James Wade And he continued to beat him through TKO in the first round.Collier also defeated the following two opponents: Dan McGrathson When Darryl Cobb. He defeated Wade for the second time through TKO in Round 1 of Cage Championship 37. Later, Collier was defeated in Cage Championship 38. Sean Huffman Via TKO in the first round.He was defeated Curry butter field Through a unanimous decision.Collier taps out Quartius Sitt In Round One.He submitted Gabriel Cecco In the first round of the RFA19 main event.Collier was defeated Ricardo Abreu Through the split decision at UFC Fight Night 68. He was defeated in the UFC Fight Night 88 Albert Uda Via TKO in the second round.Collier defeated Marcel Fortuna Through a unanimous decision at the UFC Fight Night 120. He was defeated in the UFC on ESPN19 Gian Virante Through a unanimous decision.

He submitted at the UFC On ESPN 32 joint main event Chase shaman Through rear-naked choke in the first round. With this victory, Collier won his fourth submission victory in his professional career. With 13 victories and 9 finishes, Collier is a sturdy and strong bull that is not suitable for the weak.

Collier v Checco RFA19

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Pond Profile Overall: UFC Fighter Jake Collier Pond Profile Overall: UFC Fighter Jake Collier

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