Ponpu is now available and a € 3000 prize pool contest has been announced

Developer Purple Tree Studio And publisher Zordix Today we are announcing a game inspired by their duck on duck Bomberman pump It will be released for Nintendo Switch and will be released on December 2nd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate the release of the game on Steam pump In addition, in partnership with G-Loot, the eggtastic and eggsplosive duck-on-duck multiplayer contests will be held. The first 150 Steam players who win 100 games (regardless of game mode) will be shared in the € 3000 prize pool. For more information, including the countries where the contest was approved, please see this official contest page.

The duck god who sees everything has enough and the world has run out of time. Every two billion years, the world must be refreshed by the destruction of God, he sent you, pump, As his pioneer.But a nasty clash of heads during a crash landing has robbed you of your memory, and now you find yourself working against the duck god in a battle that fuels a genocide with others. pump To save the very world you were sent to destroy.

Throughout the vast single-player campaign pump Fight 6 challenging worlds while fighting rivals pump And a huge, deadly and grotesque boss.Up to 4 newly announced online multiplayer support pump Everywhere in the real world, including Coin Chase (get those coins before the competition!), Color Fight (spread paint across levels and win the most real estate in your color!) 3 You can make it public in one enthusiastic mode! ), And in the good old team deathmatch (kill, kill, kill!), Each win, kill, stats is tracked via a convenient new global ranking system.

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Ponpu now available, €3000 prize pool Competition Announced

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