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Popular routers turn out to be vulnerable to hacker attacks

Millions of British people may be at risk of cyberattacks due to inadequate default passwords and no firmware updates

Millions of British people use Wi-Fi routers that contain a variety of security flaws and are at risk of cyberattacks. Research Which by the British Consumer Watchdog? I found.

Which one is with Red Maple Technologies? Examining 13 commonly used older router models from various UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs), we found that more than half of them did not meet today’s security standards. The main issues affecting routers provided by ISPs such as Virgin, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, and Vodafone are weak default passwords, local network vulnerabilities, and firmware updates to patch security loopholes. It was a lack.

“Some of these models haven’t been updated since 2018 at the latest, while others haven’t been updated until 2016, which can affect 6 million of these users. Firmware. And without security updates, there is no guarantee that security issues will be fixed, “Which? Hollie Hennessy, a senior researcher at. The lack of weak default passwords and firmware updates affected a total of seven devices, while the local network vulnerability affected only one.

Router that has Easy-to-guess passwords and default passwords It could allow a malicious attacker to break into your home network and the devices connected to it.The default username and password for your router is always Strong and unique password or passphrase..

On the other hand, routers with outdated firmware contain vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited. If your router does not receive firmware updates to fill in such security flaws, we recommend that you arrange a device upgrade with your ISP or purchase an aftermarket device.

When exploiting a local network vulnerability, a hacker must be nearby to exploit the device. However, if successful, it can completely hijack your device, observe your browsing habits, or direct you to a compromised website.

On the positive side, some routers, the routers offered by BT and Plusnet, did not suffer from any of the aforementioned security breaches. A complete list of tested routers Wacht Dog Website for Consumers..

Which one? I notified the ISP of the survey results. The BT Group said it would receive updates if older routers were found to be affected by security issues, but the EEBrightbox router is still vulnerable to unfixed vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, Virgin Media said it “did not recognize or accept” the consumer watchdog survey, saying that 9 out of 10 customers are using the latest routers.

Same old tale

Overall, the results of this study have the repercussions of several other studies. Home Router Security Report 2020 By the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany last year Tested by an independent security evaluator In 2019, and Review by American Consumer Institute In 2018.

Router security has been a long-standing issue, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made most experts Generally far more secure outside the office.. To reduce the risk of devices connected to your router being compromised by cybercriminals, see the articles focused on: Tips for increasing the security of your router..While you are in it, you may want to look up our recommendations Check router configuration settings..

Popular routers turn out to be vulnerable to hacker attacks Popular routers turn out to be vulnerable to hacker attacks

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