Port Royale 4 declares independence with the largest patch ever

Port Royale 4, a Caribbean-themed economic management game, has received its third major update and the largest patch ever as part of Steam’s fall sale. The new download brings over 500MB of changes, from the Declaration of Independence to improved naval warfare and town management.

The game has been rated “mixed” on Steam since its launch at the end of September, but our own review shows that it’s a good attempt to revive the classic managed game series. It was. In a good management game, this colonial Caribbean experience has brought the wind back to our sails. “

There are some major changes in the 1.3 update. The first change is to allow players to declare independence from their first chosen parent country. You must unlock all possible concessions and own at least 10 military convoys, each with a captain, before you can strike out yourself.

All buildings in other cities controlled by your former parent country will be lost, but all cities under your control will switch to you and become independent. You will also be in charge of your own diplomacy, and you will have to fight the war of independence against your old master.

Another big change is the concept of economic “shock”. This is a local event that has a serious impact on the region, such as locust plagues and bans. These will not start until the player’s company has grown to a certain size. You can attack multiple areas at once, but only one shock can be effective at a time. Only a few are included in the first place, and more are added if the community response is positive.

Other tweaks include improved quality of life for turn-based tactical layers, improved town management (including drag-and-drop functionality), number scaling, and many other small tweaks. You can read the full change log here.

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Port Royale 4 is now 20% off on Steam until December 1st as part of the fall sale.

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