Portal 2 mod adds a third portal in time travel • .net

Portal 2 turned 10 yesterday-believe it-and it seems that one modder took things one step further by creating a large extension mod, rather than just celebrating with a cake. Of course, in time travel and 4D.

The mod, titled “Portal Reloaded,” was released last night and takes players to a “very special test course” hidden deep inside Aperture Science. Waking up from rest with automated AI will pass you a triple portal device. With this device, as the name implies, you can shoot the third portal with the middle mouse button. In addition to the regular blue and orange portals, you can use a third green portal that connects between two different timelines. “Moving between the real version now and 20 years from now opens up a whole new way to solve puzzles,” explains the mod.

In addition to the quirky new mechanics, the mod boasts 100 custom voice lines, new music and 25 new puzzles. It also has its own plot. This is a “small, confined” story that is separated from Portal 2’s main plot. According to the mod FAQ, the entire project was created by a modder called Jannis. “I started working on this project a few years ago, but I didn’t intend to release it as a complete mod,” he said. Well, it’s out now and looks pretty impressive-especially considering that it was all made by myself.

If you haven’t guessed yet, this mod is definitely one for veteran players as it basically adds another difficulty to Portal 2’s basic mechanics. If you are really stuck at the level, there is a complete walkthrough of all the puzzles to help. I’m certainly GLaDOS. If you think you’re taking on the challenge, you can now download the mod on Steam.


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