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Post a video of a Tesla driver who died in a collision driving hands-free

A Tesla driver who died in a California accident posted a video of himself driving without the steering wheel. Investigators investigated whether the car’s autopilot mode was a “factor.”

Steven Michael Quezada, the father of two 35-year-olds, died of his white Tesla around 2:30 am on May 5.
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The Model 3 collided with a fallen semi-truck on the Fontana highway, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

Another man was seriously injured when an electric car struck him while rescuing a semi-driver from a shipwreck.

The California Highway Patrol initially said Thursday that car autopilots were “engaged” before the collision, Later I walked back and said, “No final decision has been made.”

However, Hendrickson regularly posted on social media about his love for cars. This includes some posts boasting about driving a bragging car.

A video with his Instagram account shows that while Tesla is navigating highway traffic, he’s in the driver’s seat without touching the wheels or stepping on the pedals. Shown.

“The best carpooling companion can even take boring traffic for me,” he wrote with the clip.

He also posted two videos of a man driving away from Tiktok.

“What if you don’t have a fully self-driving Tesla after a long day at work,” said one message. “Come back from Los Angeles after work, thank God and self-drive,” another comment said, adding, “It’s the best car ever!”

Hendrickson was shooting a video on his Facebook account while driving an autopilot. “Don’t worry. I’m autopiloting.”

Hendrickson Tesla Club-SoCal, It said it was organizing a memorial drive in his memory.

“Every time we talked to him, he talked about his kids and loved his Tesla,” the club posted on Instagram. “He is a really wonderful person and will be missed!

The GoFundMe page, set up to raise money for his funeral and memorial service, states that Hendrickson survived by his wife and two children. No message was returned asking for comment from his wife.

The CHP said he commented only on fatal accidents because it was “an opportunity to remind the public that driving is a complex task that requires the driver’s full attention.”

Crash is also below Survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau — 29th case Including Tesla What the federal agency investigated.

At least three people were killed in a previous US accident involving the autopilot.

In two Florida accidents in 2016 and 2019, a car using an autopilot drove under a crossing tractor trailer, killing a Tesla driver. In the 2018 crash in Mountain View, California Apple engineer driving with autopilot He was killed when his Tesla hit a highway barrier.

Tesla attacked Some fire trucks And police car The emergency light flashed and stopped on the highway.

Tesla, which has disbanded its public relations department, has not responded to requests for comment.

The company has an owner’s manual On that website Both autopilot and “fully autonomous driving” are not fully autonomous and the driver must be careful and ready to intervene at any time.

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Post a video of a Tesla driver who died in a collision driving hands-free Post a video of a Tesla driver who died in a collision driving hands-free

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