Postcard Location-Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Wiki Guide

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Each postcard you find has a message and a clue to the location of the next postcard. Only available in a specific order. Once you find them all, the special cutscenes will be unlocked.

Below is a list of all postcard locations and solutions.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens

The Upper West Side postcards will be unlocked by getting the first postcard at Harlem’s apartment. The clue points to the Natural History Museum:

“I carry the world on my back and face the park, and I will keep the following clues.”

Find the Natural History Museum on the edge of Central Park on the Middle East side of the district. Follow the clues to the park and look down from the museum to the corner of the street, where you’ll find sculptures of several men supporting the giant planet. Postcards are lined up next to the man behind.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens


Midtown postcards can be unlocked by getting a second postcard at the Natural History Museum. The clue points to the Empire State Building in Midtown.

“At the top of the Empire State, you will find a pair of blind eyes.”

Head to the skyscrapers of this downtown area and drive to the top to find an observatory with tall guardrails. Head to the northeast corner of the observatory and find some empty binocular stands. Then look for a stand that shows signs of failure. Postcards are the base of binoculars.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens

Greenwich postcards can be unlocked by getting a third postcard at the Empire State Building. The clue points to the Museum of Modern Art in Greenwich.

“Find the fossils hidden in modern times. Don’t forget to look up!”

Travel along the waterfront to the top of the northwestern part of the Greenwich district to find the museum. Look at the building sign, look for the upper balcony on the left, close the zipper, and you’ll see a large fossil shell. Jump over the fossils to find where the postcards are hidden.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens

Postcards in the financial district will be unlocked when you get the fourth postcard at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The clues point to the CODB nightclubs and music venues in the financial district.

“Where money is king, you’ll find a great song hanging between the lights.”

Head south along the main street until you reach the music venue at the foot of a skyscraper on the corner of the street. Under the venue sign, look to the right of the door and look for the little stepladder under one light bulb. When the light is zippered, there is a postcard on the stereo speaker mounted on the left side.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens

Chinatown postcards can be unlocked by getting a fifth postcard at the CODBs nightclub. The clue points to a place called the Lobster Building in Chinatown.

“Standing under the Bib Santo, a delicious food monster lives.”

Follow the row of + -shaped buildings to the eastern side of the district, find the giant lobster and sign the street corner. The postcard is located on the tail of the giant lobster itself and can be reached by zipping it to the back.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens

Obtaining a sixth postcard at Lobster Building in Chinatown unlocks the Upper Eats side postcard. The clue points to a place called El Barrio on the Upper East Side.

“No letter will enter this artistic castle without stopping at the gate.”

Along the northern part of the district, look for a small-looking castle-shaped building inside a tall skyscraper and head north to the building. While looking at the El Barrio sign, notice the large iron gate and look at the mailbox in front of the gate to find the postcard.

  • Reward: 100 XP, 5 activity tokens

The Harlem Postcard is the last postcard to get a seventh postcard at El Vario on the Upper East Side. The clue points to CJ Walker Park, just east of Miles’ apartment.

“Under the hoop you learned to fly, your journey ends.”

Return to Harlem and enter the park with a large stone sphere carving. There are several basketball courts on the side, look for the south court, check the last present around the east hoop, and finish the sequence.


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