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Jake Evans, Alex Vergil (Photo courtesy of TVA Sports)

Rocket Sports Media | LAVAL, QC. — — While I was expecting Marc BergevinIn the next deal, which includes lowering the team’s cap hit, the general manager decided to sign on Wednesday instead. Michael Florique For a one-year contract worth $ 750,000.

Frolik started last season at Flames and was traded to Sabers on January 2nd in exchange for a fourth round draft topic. In a total of 57 games, he scored 6 goals and added 8 assists.

In 850 career games with the Panthers, Blackhawks, Jet, Frames and Sabers, Floric showed that he could play well in the defensive zone. As a result, all clubs regularly earn penalty kill obligations.

Bergevan has known Floric since they were both in the Blackhawks organization.With the acquisition of Jake Allen And Joel Edmundson, Floric is the third player to win the Stanley Cup, which was added to the Canadians organization during the off-season. In Chicago’s 2012-13 run, Floric scored three goals and seven assists in 23 games.

Taxi squad rules

On Tuesday, the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) announced transition rules for the 2020-21 season, scheduled to begin on January 13.

Each organization has a taxi team, similar to the 24-team postseason summer return rules in the hub cities of Toronto and Edmonton.

All clubs are allowed to rent a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 players to the taxi team. All such loans are subject to exemption requirements, if applicable. Players rented out to the taxi team are allowed to travel and practice at the NHL Club. However, such players may only play in the NHL game if they are recalled prior to such NHL game and placed on the active roster of the NHL club.

Strategic decision

When it comes to taxi team composition, there are different strategies available to the team. The organization can decide to lend the top available players to the taxi team, while other organizations can choose to send the top prospects to the American Hockey League (AHL).

I think the best option for the Canadians is to assign Laval a prospect who doesn’t play regularly in Montreal. This approach makes the most sense assuming that the AHL season begins on February 5, which is currently scheduled.

Potential taxi squad

For the new readers of my column, I stick to making predictions on a regular basis. It can (rarely) tap my back when I get them right, and (usually) tomatoes if I make them wrong.

The table below shows my predictions for the opening night roster for the Maple Leafs on January 13th.

courtesy CapFriendly

The following table consists of my expected taxi team.

courtesy CapFriendly

All of the above players must clear the exemption before being rented to the taxi team. The fun part of the prediction is that you can make assumptions such as 5 individuals not being requested by other teams.

All taxi team salaries do not count towards the hub cap space. Jordan WarreContract.

Folik, Weal, and Alex Vergil In the taxi corps, it’s Ryan Polling To spend a fair amount of ice time in Laval. I believe that spending every night in the pressbox, as in the team’s recent postseason appearance, would hinder the development of polling.

Guzavier Wellett, Act as the eighth defenseman in Montreal Kale fleury And Noah Jursen I have a lot of opportunities to play Joel Bouchard‘vapor. Juulsen must clear the exemption to head to the AHL.

Each team must always have at least a third goalkeeper, as specified in the migration rules. Given that Montreal’s active roster is tight Charlie Lindgren You will be placed in a taxi corps. This is an ideal scenario from an organizational point of view. Rocket goaltending depth..

Cap compliance

When i identified 4 Ways to Keep the Canadiens Below Cap On November 23, I assumed that the team had a roster of 22 players, one less than the maximum allowed.

By adding a moving taxi team, Montreal can save money from the cap by placing 21 players on the active roster and moving the players back and forth.

Not surprisingly, the schedule for the next 56 regular seasons has been condensed. During the 2020-21 season, the Canadiens will play three games for four nights several times.

Cap saving strategy

Is what young players like Jake Evans And Alexander Romanov You may not be able to play every night. When they dawn, the Canadians can assign them to a taxi corps to save money on salary caps. Both players are not exempt, so there is no risk of losing to another team.

When it comes to defense Brett Clark Since it is on the active roster, it does not require much operation in terms of exemption requirements. If you need Michael Florique or Jordan Wear to jump to the active roster, management needs to be diligent. Frolik or Weal will be moved between the active roster and the taxi team to maximize the need for re-exemption.

The Canadians did a similar move last season when they recalled Charles Hudon four times from the AHL during the nine days of November 2019. He did not have to appear in Laval during that period because the deal was made to delay the need to deploy Hughdon about the exemption.

As with plans made after March 2020, if COVIDs interfere, they will all be destroyed.

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Potential Canadians Taxi Squad | Hub Memo Pad Potential Canadians Taxi Squad | Hub Memo Pad

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